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7 Best Hockey Coaching Apps

7 Best Hockey Coaching Apps

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This article shares our top picks for the best ice hockey apps to make your coaching life much easier. We’ve selected a variety of hockey apps and platforms that will significantly help improve your game.

As a coach, having access to the right tools will allow you to feel prepared at the rink while improving the way you communicate with players.

Coaching hockey plays an incredibly important role, especially when it comes to motivating players. It teaches foundational life skills, while providing players with a greater sense of purpose.

A good coach directly impacts players’ decision-making skills while helping them build confidence. It’s important to recognize the strong connection your players have with you, including the impact you leave with them off the ice.

We know, minor hockey coaches are often juggling multiple things at once. With so many things to think about, it’s important to consider the technology such as an ice hockey app, that can help enhance your coaching and save you time.

Today, hockey coaches have access to exceptional hockey training platforms, coaching apps, and instrumentation that can really help both coaches and players succeed.

Whether creating drills or practice plans, reviewing gameplay, improving player development, or evaluating players. The technology you need can often be obtained right from your smartphone. With everything so accessible nowadays, getting up to speed with technology can really help take the weight off while significantly improving your efficiency on the ice.

7 Best Hockey Coaching Apps


Klevr has attracted athletes, parents, and well-known coaches alike, helping them to improve their game, share their wins and monetize their moves — all on one easy-to-use platform.

Clip, edit & share

Easily mark up video recordings of games or scrimmages. Instantly share videos with groups of players and parents using the Klevr app.

Improve communication. Engage players and parents

Klevr is a social platform that allows you to communicate quickly with players and parents. Having everyone in one place not only helps streamline communication but also provides you with free coaching tools that are only available in Klevr.

Cost: Free

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2) Coach Them App

Built by coaches, for coaches. Design your own custom drills, create organized practices and share with the click of a button


With CoachThem, digital drill drawing has never been easier. Select your template, choose your objects, and use your mouse, finger, or digital pencil to bring your drills to life.


Sometimes drills need a refresh. CoachThem’s advanced editing tools put the power in your hands, so you can make changes to your drills or the ones in our marketplace.


Sharing your drills or borrowing some great ones makes practices that much better. Create groups with your friends, add drills from your association, and collaborate on CoachThem to build the perfect practice plan.

Cost: Freeware or membership starting at $72 annually

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3) TeamSnap

As a coach, registration, and team management are important for organizing your season, and more often than not, this process can be quite tedious. TeamSnap makes it easier to organize your season and will take care of everything from scheduling to attendance and communication.

League or team administrators

Access to registration, payments, communication, scheduling, and reporting to bring you a true all-in-one club solution. With the next evolution of TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues, you have everything you need to manage your clubs and teams in a solution your administrators, coaches, managers, and parents will love to use.

Coach or team manager

From team chat, last-minute alerts, and scheduling — to assignments, payment collection, and real-time game sharing — we offer a variety of features and plans tailored to fit your needs.

The days of going to the wrong field or packing the wrong jersey are gone. Parents love TeamSnap because they simplify team coordination and communication with free access to features that make sure parents never miss a memory

Cost: Freeware or basic packages starting at $9.99/month

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4) SkillShark Athlete Evaluations

SkillShark is a player evaluation app started by a coach who wanted to improve the pen-and-paper evaluation process. This hockey evaluation tool will completely take away administration pains at minor hockey tryouts. SkillShark completely eliminates any data entry and provides hockey coaches with instant rankings and results.

SkillShark is completely customizable, meaning you can measure any skill and metric right from your smartphone or tablet.

Instant results

By using SkillShark’s Evaluation App to evaluate hockey players, you will instantly have access to all your evaluation data in one place. This means when evaluators use the app to score players, results are automatically calculated.

After each evaluation, coaches can view player rankings, compare top performers, track player performance, and quickly draft players to teams. This team’s app is truly incredible. By eliminating administration during evaluations, coaches save an average of 30–50 hours or more per event.

Streamlined communication

After each evaluation, you will have the ability to send or view individual performance reports. Report cards will display any video taken at the tryout, score averages compared to the group, and feedback left by evaluators. These reports are customizable, meaning you can easily show or hide any information you choose. Data transparency has been proven to help players greatly improve year over year.

  • Easy Mobile Evaluations
  • Instant Player Report Cards
  • Live Leaderboards
  • Player Progress Tracking
  • Player Development Resource
  • Player Comparison Charts
  • Drafting & Team Creation
  • Unlimited Evaluation Events
  • Unlimited Evaluators
  • Sports Team Communication

Cost: Unlimited Free Trial, starting at only $5/player annually

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Here is a SkillShark testimonial from a local minor hockey association.

5) The Coaches Site

The Coaches Site is an excellent resource for education on every aspect of hockey, offering everything from Innovative drills, tactics & resources to building better hockey programs, practice plans, and team culture. The Coaches Site offers both free and members-only content by hockey’s top coaches.

Hockey drills & video content

The Coaches Site shares drills and video content created by top hockey coaches and performance experts for all ages and skill levels, offering exclusive content to their members.

Podcast series

The Glass and Out Podcast shares stories from some of the most influential leaders in hockey today.

Hockey events & clinics

From showcase events to virtual coaching clinics, members receive exclusive access to top-level education, and new innovations in hockey today.

Cost: Free Coach Limited Account or Coach Account – $10.75 monthly

Cost: Free content or membership starting at $12.49/month annually

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Hockey Coach Vision

6) Hockey Coach Vision

Hockey Coach Vision is an All-in-one 3D Animated tool that allows coaches to easily create digital drills, tactics, and systems and share them with their team in 2D & 3D animation.

Access to drills and coaching tools

Watching your own animated drills and tactics come to life will help your players and coaches understand your vision immediately.

The next level of teaching

Teaching and communicating practices with players are so much more efficient. In the app, you have access to countless free animated drills from pros from all over the hockey world.

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  • Easily share practice plans to your players app
  • Manage Your Team’s Season Plan & Roster
  • Get Content Drills from World Class Coaches

7) Drive Hockey Analytics

Drive Hockey Analytics brings pro-level analytics technology to those without pro-level budgets.

Intelligence that improves player development, coaching strategy, and scouting capabilities by giving deeper insights into player performance using the latest artificial intelligence and wearable sensor technology to track every play on the ice in real time.

Hockey instrumentation

Drive Hockey is a revolutionary sensor-based system that delivers advanced hockey analytics and game IQ automatically. We make NHL-level player & puck-tracking technology affordable and accessible for amateur hockey.

Cost: Unavailable

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7 Best Hockey Coaching Apps

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What are the best hockey coaching apps recommended for coaches and players?

We’ve selected a range of top-notch hockey coaching apps to enhance your coaching experience and improve your game. These apps cover various aspects of coaching, from drills and practice plans to player evaluations and communication.

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Why is technology, such as an ice hockey app, essential for hockey coaches?

Technology, like ice hockey apps, can streamline coaching tasks, enhance communication, and save time for coaches. It’s crucial for modern coaches to leverage these tools for improved efficiency on the ice.

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How do these coaching apps contribute to player development and coaching success?

These apps offer features such as drill creation, practice planning, player evaluations, and real-time analytics. They empower coaches to make data-driven decisions, enhance player skills, and elevate team performance.

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Are these hockey coaching apps suitable for both coaches and players?

Yes, many of these apps serve both coaches and players. They provide a platform for coaches to communicate with their teams, share drills, and track player progress. Players can access valuable resources and practice plans.

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Do these coaching apps require any special equipment or technical expertise?

Most of these apps are user-friendly and can be accessed from smartphones or tablets. They don’t typically require specialized equipment or technical expertise, making them accessible to coaches and players of all levels.

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Are there free options available among these hockey coaching apps?

Yes, some of these apps offer free versions or limited accounts with basic features. Coaches and players can explore these options to get started without a financial commitment.

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How can I learn more about each of these hockey coaching apps and their specific features?

You can find more detailed information about each app by visiting their respective websites or platforms. Check out their features, pricing, and user reviews to determine which one best suits your coaching needs.