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Coach Evaluation App

SkillShark is a powerful coach evaluation app designed to evaluate coaches for any sport. Run your coaching camps and coach assessments with ease. Easily capture metrics using your mobile phone or tablet. Provide instant feedback reports to coaches after each evaluation.

  • Customizable evaluation templates
  • Say goodbye to coach evaluation forms and painful data entry
  • Instant reporting to confidently compare and assess coaches
Coach evaluation software

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Coach Evaluation Template

Our standard coach template is completely customizable, so you can create a coach evaluation that fits your exact needs. Use SkillShark to evaluate any form of coaching criteria using your mobile phone or tablet.


Takes Advice

Role Model




Willingness to learn



Appropriate Drills



First Aid

Style Mechanics


Player Treatment

Respect from Players

Respect from Parents

Team Control

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Online and Offline Modes

No wifi, no problem. Evaluation data will automatically sync to the platform once you’re connected.

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Customizable Templates

Use existing templates and edit or create your own from scratch. Your evaluations done your way.

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Instant Reports

Once evaluation data is collected, data is synced and reports are generated instantly. You can easily send them to coaches and use them internally to make better more informed decisions.

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SkillShark gives you a completely customizable athlete evaluation experience that allows you to run tryouts, camps, and clinics with ease.

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Coach Evaluation Form VS Coach Evaluation App

Coach Evaluation Form

When using a coach evaluation app to assess coaches’ performance, you can simplify the evaluation process and ensure accurate data collection. Transitioning from traditional paper forms to a coach evaluation app will eliminate the need for manual data entry, reducing errors and saving time.

Coach Evaluation App

By adopting a coach evaluation app like SkillShark, you gain the ability to swiftly analyze coaching data. With SkilSshark, you’ll have the convenience of tracking coach performance over multiple sessions and generating instant feedback reports once the evaluation is completed. This streamlines the evaluation process and enhances the overall efficiency of assessing coaches’ performance.

Evaluation form vs app

Frequently Asked Questions — Coach Evaluation Form VS Coach Evaluation App

A coach evaluation aims to assess the performance, effectiveness, and potential of coaches in various sports. It holds significant value for sports organizations, team administrators, and program directors to make informed decisions about coaching staff. The evaluation process helps identify areas where coaches excel and areas that could benefit from improvement. By utilizing specific criteria, it facilitates objective assessments, aids in personal development for coaches.

Important information:
• A coach evaluation assesses skills, performance, and potential. It is used by sports organizations, team administrators, and program directors. It aids in making informed decisions about coaching staff and improving techniques.
• SkillShark offers a mobile app that allows for accurate evaluation, tracking, comparison, and storage of coach evaluations on a mobile device or tablet.

Transitioning from a traditional evaluation form to a coach evaluation app, like SkillShark, can offer significant advantages in terms of efficiency and overall development. The app allows multiple evaluators to score coaches based on various criteria and metrics, centralizing data and automatically calculating results.

Important information:
• Evaluators use the ratings and feedback to provide insights into coaches’ strengths and areas for improvement. SkillShark’s app enables easy communication of evaluation reports and areas of improvement to coaches through a few simple clicks.

SkillShark is a highly-rated coach evaluation app. It is the leading global mobile app for coaches, scouts, and evaluators by streamlining the evaluation process.