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Using SkillShark Means Better Results

We routinely perform customer case studies and have found that:

80% of SkillShark users save 50 hours or more per event

85% of SkillShark users see an improvement in player performance

92% of SkillShark users receive positive feedback by showing data transparency

No More Complicated Spreadsheets

SkillShark software is easy to use and saves you time by eliminating the need for data entry. Simply score athletes right from your mobile phone or tablet. When player data is collected, you can easily view performance results to make informed coaching decisions.

By taking away administrative tasks, more time can be spent developing successful athletes and winning teams.

Chris Shewfelt Thumbnail

Chris Shewfelt

Vice President, Toronto FC & Toronto Argonauts



Going Yard saved over 120 hours by using SkillShark

In the past, we used to compile the data and it takes a long time. Here we can kick out reports in a matter of 10-15 minutes after the evaluations are complete.

Jordan Draeger
Going Yard Baseball Centre

Make informed decisions using in-depth analytics

Player analytics will be one of your strongest assets when it comes to building winning teams. With SkillShark, you can easily compare players and use historical data to check player progress.

I now have statistics and information at my fingertips I wouldn’t be without.

Scott Hudson SkillShark Review

Scott Hudson

Head Coach – Diamondbacks


Provide Instant Player Report Cards

Easily send your players club branded report cards, instantly, after each evaluation. Providing your players feedback, allows athletes to know exactly what they are doing well and what they need to work on. Having access to performance data is a great way to streamline communication and improve player performance.

I wouldn’t even be able to calculate the time SkillShark has saved us.


James Mays

Technical Director, PA Minor Hockey

SkillShark Player Progress Tracking