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Hockey Evaluation App

Hockey player evaluation app designed to streamline tryouts, camps, and scrimmages. Reduce the administrative tasks associated with pen-and-paper evaluations by switching to an evaluation software.

  • Customize evaluation templates to your coaching recipe
  • Evaluate athletes on any iOS or Android Device
  • Leverage pre-built reports for real-time insights
Hockey evaluation app

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SkillShark Testimonials — Hockey Evaluation App

Listen to what customers have to say about how SkillShark is improving their athlete evaluations.

Cut Down Evaluation Time

Ditch the pen-and-paper forms. Create a hockey evaluation template in SkillShark and conveniently score players right from your mobile device.

“The process of athlete evaluations used to take us 2-3 hours. Now, it is completed in under 20 minutes with SkillShark.”

Tyler Stahl

Notre Dame Academy

Mobile evaluation app

Discover how much you can save with SkillShark

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Unlock Player Insights

Avoid spending hours configuring reports after athlete evaluations. Leverage SkillShark’s pre-built reports for immediate use.

  • Compare & rank athletes
  • Monitor player development
  • Confidently draft teams
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Provide Winning Athlete Feedback

Send your athletes report cards after each evaluation. Sharing performance data enhances communication and boosts performance.

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Evaluate Hockey Players on Any Device

Simply create your hockey evaluation template online, upload players, and get to scoring players right away—using any smartphone or tablet.

Player evaluation software

Easily Sort & View Player Lists

Instantly add walk ons right from the event and add them to lists that are customizable by you. This makes it easy to sort and view hockey player groups on the fly.

Record Time & Reps

Using our built-in stopwatch you can easily start and stop times for drills and count reps with a click of a button.

Conduct Evaluations for All Levels

Conduct youth evaluations, intermediate hockey evaluations and professional hockey evaluations.

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Online and Offline Modes

No wifi, no problem. Hockey evaluation data will automatically sync to the platform once you’re connected.

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Live Video

Let athletes see the skills they are being evaluated on for ultimate player development.

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Customizable Templates

Choose from existing hockey templates or create your own from scratch. Your evaluations done your way.

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Instant Hockey Player Reports

Use reports to compare players or instantly create teams for the season.

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Pre-fill Comments

Upload a set of commonly used positive, neutral or negative comments for evaluators. This helps save time while increasing player feedback.

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Generate Revenues

Opt to charge parents to view reports and instantly make money for your club, academy, or organization.

Hockey Evaluation Form vs. Hockey Evaluation App

Hockey Evaluation Form:

  • Entering scores is time-consuming
  • Data can get lost, stolen, or misused
  • Reports must be manually configured

Hockey Evaluation App:

  • Customize your evaluation templates
  • Score athletes from any mobile device
  • Gain instant access to detailed reports
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Evaluation form vs app

Frequently Asked Questions — Hockey Evaluation Form vs. Hockey Evaluation App

A hockey evaluation is designed to assess the performance, skills, and potential of skaters during tryouts and camps. It serves as a vital tool for hockey coaches, scouts, and evaluators to gauge players abilities and progress. The evaluation process allows for a structured assessment of skaters based on specific criteria, facilitating objective decision-making for team formation, individual improvement plans, and talent recognition.

Important Information:
• A hockey evaluation assesses each players performance, skills, and potential.
• It is used by coaches, scouts, and evaluators.
• It assists to building competitive teams.
• With SkillShark, assessments can be conveniently conducted, tracked, compared, and stored using a mobile device or tablet.

Transitioning from a hockey evaluation form to an app can greatly benefit coaches and sports organizations in terms of efficiency and the overall improvement of athletes.

By leveraging an athlete evaluation software, such as SkillShark, multiple assessors can conveniently critique players using the app, covering a wide range of skills and metrics. This streamlined process automatically centralizes data and calculates results, making the evaluation process more efficient.

Important Information:
• Evaluators rely on these ratings from the evaluation app to gain valuable insights into players’ areas for improvement and strengths.
• With SkillShark, sending reports to players and communicating their strengths and areas for improvement are as simple as a few clicks.

SkillShark is our top-rated 5-star app and reporting software designed specifically for sports tryouts, camps, and player development. It is the leading global mobile app solution for all sports, providing coaches, scouts, and evaluators with powerful resources to streamline their assessments digitally.

SkillShark provides coaches with an efficient and transparent way to evaluate players, analyze data, and offer feedback.

Once evaluations are complete, data is readily available in report format on the SkillShark web app. Hockey coaches can rank & compare players, look at individual development, and run weighted reports.

Identify top players, draft teams, and provide actionable player feedback with SkillShark.

A hockey tryout evaluation form should assess athletes on the following areas:
Passing – receipt, delivery
Skating – edgework, forward skate, starts, stops
Shooting -accuracy, shot velocity
Character – coachbility, leadership, work ethic

Some primary benefits are
• Check-in players and add walk-ons, right from your mobile device.
• Sort players into lists for simplified evaluation (i.e., create a list for Day 1 Group A, B and C respectively).
• Select from a pre-filled evaluation template or customize your own, based on the skills that are most important to you.
• Have instant access to evaluation results before you even walk off the ice.
• Rank athletes and compare players across a skill (i.e., “Skating”) or specific metrics within that skill (i.e., Edge work, forward skate, starts, and stops within “Skating’).

While a spreadsheet is simple and can be used offline, it lacks real-time insights and consumes time with manual data entry. SkillShark’s app, requiring an internet connection, is user-friendly and offers advanced reporting features for a superior evaluation experience.

You can find our free hockey player evaluation form here right here, ready to download!

Elements of a hockey practice plan include:
• Review of practice goals
• Stretches & warm-up drills
• Explanation & execution of drills
• Practice games
• Team-building activities
• Cool down stretches