We Make Athlete Evaluations Easier for Coaches Around the World

We help coaches and evaluators save over 50+ hours when it comes to evaluating athletes, creating teams and analyzing the progress of player development.

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Our Story

As one of 22 million coaches in North America, I noticed that almost all of us were still using pen and paper to evaluate athletes.

When scores are collected this way, it takes hours upon hours to enter this data into a computer system and it is hard to do anything with it at the end of it all! I (like many other coaches) created spreadsheets to help, but still had the painful job of data entry and errors that go along with it. I decided there had to be a better way, and SkillShark was created!

Our Partners

We have partnered with some of the best organizations in the sporting industry to help make our digital evaluation platform the best in the industry.

Our Core Values

At SkillShark we use these core values to drive and unite us

Build Together

We combine our strengths and work together towards a common goal.

Take Ownership

We present the best possible product to our customers each and every time.

Meet Customers Needs

We do what we can to make sure our customers needs are met and an exceptional product is delivered.

Be Curious

We ask questions, get to know our customers, and are always looking for what else we can learn.

Think in Experiences

As athletes and coaches ourselves, we use our experience to determine all possible use cases that our customers might face.

Embrace New Challenges

Challenges provide an opportunity to better our product and experiences for users.

Meet the Team

Our team is a group of passionate individuals who come together to improve the youth sport experience for coaches and athletes alike.

Neil Anderson

CEO & Founder

Justin Lutzko

Software Developer

Elanne Krainyk

Director of Marketing

John Mason

Software Developer

Ben Browning

Software Developer

Michael Reimer

Software Developer