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SkillShark Integrations

SkillShark offers best in class integrations with leading applications such as TeamSnap, TeamLinkt, SportsEngine and Pocket Radar.


Easily import TeamSnap player registration data directly into SkillShark.

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Easily import player registration lists using SportsEngine right into SkillShark for easy evaluations.


Seamlessly import player registration data into SkillShark using TeamLinkt, for tryouts and mid-season evaluations.


Import and export player details using Excel spreadsheets. You can use our custom template and even add your own custom fields.


Pocket Radar

Enhance your game experience with Pocket Radar Connect by automatically pulling velocities into SkillShark

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Seamlessly pull data between your personalized system and SkillShark using our open API. Great for custom built registration systems, and data analysis.

Import Players and Sync Data

Easily import and export from leading Team Management softwares, use our open API, or sync with PocketRadar Connect.

Import Players

Easily connect your Team Management account to start importing your current team rosters and player registration data into SkillShark.

Sync Newly Created Teams

After running a tryout in SkillShark and creating new teams, you can sync these teams back to TeamSnap, TeamLink or SportsEngine instantly.

Sync Player Data

Use our open API to seamlessly import and export data the way you need.

Connect Radar Device

Easily sync your pocket radar connect to SkillShark, and pull in velocity readings live as you evaluate!

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The SkillShark product demo is the best way to learn. This includes 25 players, setup of your evaluation, and a tour of SkillShark.

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