Frequently Asked Questions

Choose the a sports evaluation plan that’s right for your organization. Whether you are a large sports organization or a small-town team, we’ve got you covered.


My current evaluation method is great, why do I need this?

SkillShark allows you to enhance your current practices. SkillShark completely removes data entry and makes the results usable like never before.

Does SkillShark work for every sport?

Yes. Because SkillShark is completely customizable, it can be used for absolutely any sport.

Is SkillShark meant for individual teams or large organizations?

Due to the affordability and customization of the product, SkillShark can work for small groups and teams, or organizations that have thousands of athletes.

Is SkillShark Integrated with TeamSnap or SportsEngine?

Yes. SkillShark is completely integrated with TeamSnap and SportsEngine to make importing players easy.  Regardless what registration system you use, every one allows a CSV export. This CSV file can be brought directly into SkillShark.

Is my data secure?

Yes. SkillShark uses top of the line security and data storage capabilities.

Setting Up My Account

How many days does it take to get my account created and setup?

It only takes seconds! Your SkillShark account is useable as soon as it is created.

How much time and effort will it take me to implement this?

Very little. SkillShark is designed to be very user friendly. We offer over 20+ sport templates that can be used and players can be added in just a few clicks. We are happy to guide you through any questions you may have as you set up your account.

Can I import players from my registration system?

Yes. SkillShark is completely integrated with TeamSnap and SportsEngine to make importing players easy.

Can I sync team data back to my team management system?

Yes. SkillShark is completely integrated with TeamSnap and SportsEngine and teams can be exported in one click to start the season.

What are groups?

Groups are a set of athletes that you wish you compare to one another. Example: U12 Girls Fastball

Can I import a long list of players easily?

Yes. SkillShark offers a batch upload template that allows users to upload thousands of athletes in just a few clicks.

Am I the only one that can score the athletes?

No. SkillShark allows you to add evaluators that can score athletes on any device of their choosing.

Can evaluators see all the data that is collected?

No. Evaluators can only see their own data. If you choose, you can upgrade any evaluator to be an admin. This will allow them to have full administrative abilities in the account.

What can I do with the data after it is collected?

After the data is collected you can run roster, individual, weighted or player development reports. Use this data to create teams or view a player’s progress over time. The data can be exported as a CSV or used to create instant professional looking reports.

Can I share my results with athletes?

Yes. Use our Athlete Locker Room feature to share reports with the click of a button.

Player Evaluations

Is there a mobile app for both Apple and Android Devices?

Yes. There is a mobile app available in both the iTunes and Google Play store. These apps are available for both phone and tablet devices. You can also evaluate players through your web browser.

Does the mobile app require an internet connection when scoring and evaluating athletes?

No. The downloadable apps do not require internet connection and are designed to be used offline. We also offer online evaluations, through your mobile browser.

Can I assign evaluators to specific events?

Yes. You are in complete control of what evaluators can score. Evaluators can only see their own data and if you remove their name from the appropriate list, they will no longer be able to make changes.

Can I run multiple day tryout events?

Yes. SkillShark is charged per player per year. You can run as many events within that year as you would like.

Can I add players that didn’t register and are last minute additions?

Yes. Simply tap “Add Player” and select the jersey number and colour. Administrators will be able to go into the software and update the players name. This is done to avoid duplicate players under the same name with different spellings.


Can I try SkillShark before I pay for it?

Yes. SkillShark always allows you to trial 25 athletes before making payment. Upon adding your 26th player, you will be prompted to pay for your first block of athletes.

Do you require a credit card for trial?

No. You will not need to enter any payment info until you decide to purchase SkillShark.

Is there a set up fee?

No. There is no fee to set SkillShark up.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. Cancel your subscription any time before the renewal date and your account will not auto renew.

How does billing work?

Your account will auto renew each year on the anniversary of the original date of purchase. To make changes to the number of athletes, or to cancel the subscription, simply visit your account settings.

What if I cut players? Do I have to pay for those players too?

Yes. SkillShark requires you to purchase the total number of players you will be evaluating. The affordable nature should make this a non issue.

What if I don’t know my final registration numbers until right before tryouts? How do I know how many players I will be billed for?

You can purchase blocks of athletes at any time. Simply navigate to your account settings and add athletes. We encourage you to purchase athletes before the day of the event and add blocks as needed.

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