Player Evaluations Made Simple

SkillShark gives you a completely customizable athlete evaluation experience that allows you to run tryouts, camps and team assessments with ease.

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Customize Your Evaluation Template

Your evaluation template is the most important tool to get right before you organize an event. You have full control of evaluation categories, scoring ranges, weighting and much more.

Create your template from scratch

Build your athlete assessment from scratch and completely customize your evaluations.

Start from a pre-built template

Select one of our professional vetted sports templates and customize it for your needs.

By taking away administrative tasks, more time can be spent developing successful athletes and winning teams.

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Chris Shewfelt

Vice President, Toronto FC & Toronto Argonauts

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Athlete Evaluations for any Sport

SkillShark gives you a completely customizable athlete evaluation experience that allows you to run tryouts, camps and team assessments with ease for any sport!

Player Management

Organize players in any way that fits your organization to help you easily manage and coordinate evaluations.

Create Player Lists

Split up players into logical groups to evaluate and monitor player development.

Upload Players

Import rosters or player registration data from a CSV file or from one of our partners.

Assign Positions & Jerseys

You can easily assign player positions and jersey color to help organize players within a group.

Create Evaluation Event

Plan and schedule an event in our platform to perform player evaluations. You can select which players will attend and who will be evaluating.

Add evaluators

Add evaluators that will score athletes using any device of their choosing. Free downloadable apps are available, or they can use the online browser.

Add Events

Add events to score athletes on multiple occasions. Track their progress over time and see improvements as the years go on.


Evaluate Players on any Device

SkillShark gives you a completely customizable athlete evaluation experience that allows you to run tryouts, camps and team assessments with ease.

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Rate Players

Rate players based on subjective and objective measurements.

Record Time & Reps

You can easily start and stop times for drills and count reps with a click of a button.

Player Video Recordings

You can take a video with your device and attach it to any player for their evaluation.

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Online and Offline Modes

No wifi, no problem. Evaluation data will automatically sync to the platform once you’re connected.

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Live Video

Record live video when evaluating on any metric. Your recordings are stored using the cloud, which can then be accessed for player development.

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Customizable Templates

Use existing templates and edit or create your own from scratch. Your evaluations done your way.

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Instant Player Reports

Once evaluation data is collected, data is synced and reports are generated instantly. You can easily send them to players or use them internally to make better more informed decisions.

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Pre-fill Comments

Upload a set of commonly used positive, neutral or negative comments for evaluators. This helps save time while increasing player feedback.

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Player Images

Quickly capture profile images for players right through the mobile app. Images automatically sync to their profile and reports.

Analyze Reports

Analyze real time player rankings in as much or as little detail as you would like. Draft players, form teams, and export immediately into player management systems.

Run Weighted Reports

Assign desired weights to categories or even specific skills! Create your ideal overall player, or specify to position.

View Individual Reports

Instantly view, customize and save individual reports. Brand with your organizations logo and send easily to athletes.

Compare Players

Compare the results of two or more players, and visually see how they stack up.

Share Player Evaluation Reports

Instantly generate player reports and send them to athletes & parents right after the event.

Send Personalized Emails

You can select all athletes or a set group to send results to after the event has finished.

Athlete Locker Room

Players can sign into SkillShark to view their evaluation results and see how they rank.

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