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Integrate Pocket Radar with SkillShark

pocket radar SkillShark integration tutorial video

With the integration of Pocket Radar PLUS technology paired with SkillShark, users will now have the ability to automatically embed velocities into the SkillShark App. This enhancement streamlines the evaluation experience, as coaches will no longer have to manually input velocity readings into SkillShark during sessions.

How to Sync Pocket Radar with SkillShark

What You’ll Need

  • An iOS or Android Device running the SkillShark App
  • An iOS or Android running the Pocket Radar Sports App
  • A Subscription to SkillShark’s All Star or Legend Plan
  • A Pocket Radar Smart Coach Device
  • A Pocket Radar PLUS Subscription



  • First, create and account in the Pocket Radar Sports App using your SkillShark account email
  • From the Pocket Radar Sports app, select Pocket Radar Connect to connect SkillShark


Watch the video above for step by step set up instructions

smart coach radar skillshark

Interested to learn more?

The SkillShark product demo is the best way to learn. This includes 25 players, white-glove setup of your evaluation, and a tour of SkillShark.

FAQ: Pocket Radar PLUS

SkillShark is an excellent player evaluation tool that can easily integrate with Pocket Radar PLUS. Coaches can efficiently develop players using SkillSharks built-in progress tracking, with the ability to analyze player data and send out progress reports to each athlete.

When using Pocket Radar PLUS paired with SkillShark, velocity readings will automatically pull from the Smart Coach into the SkillShark app during any baseball assessment.

Yes, Pocket Radar is currently integrated with the leading athlete evaluation app on the market today: SkillShark. Click here to learn more about SkillShark