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Phil Jevtovic

SkillShark has significantly streamlined our processes, helping save time with data collection while providing instant athlete report cards after each session. SkillShark is hugely beneficial for our athlete development, as we can easily track their progress and identify areas for growth.

Justin Trout

SkillShark helps significantly with our player development while saving our volleyball club directors an immense amount of time by eliminating data entry. We couldn't be more excited about the future with SkillShark.

Dennis Mann

Amazing app. Our players and parents really like the clear communication that this app allows our program to collect and use. We use a lot of services and have a lot of partners but none are more responsive than the team at SkillShark. World class game changing app.

Rufus Nel

Probably the best service you will ever receive. Good job Neil and team

Jack Cameron

SkillShark is an exceptional tool for evaluations. The reports are impressive visually and I appreciate being able to track player progress. SkillShark is by far the best money I've spent as an International Recruiter.

Courtney Ceo

The decision to use SkillShark with our National program has saved our coaches and evaluators weeks of data entry. SkillShark substantially contributes to the growth of each USSSA player with the collection of their metrics and performance data.

Andi Wolf

If you're a coach, you need to take advantage of SkillShark. I've been coaching softball for more than 20 years and SkillShark is by far the most convenient and effective evaluation tool on the market.

Kris Versteeg

In the past, we used pen & paper to evaluate athletes. This process was messy and made it so challenging to compile all the data. Now that we use SkillShark, we have streamlined everything, and immediately know who our top picks are for the upcoming season.

Frank Gilford

SkillShark is the most innovative evaluation tool out there. It’s easy to use and completely eliminates any data entry. SkillShark will revolutionize your athletes and your business. You will not be disappointed.

Farida Salem

The software was super easy to learn. I was able to explain to the team how to use it in just under 20 minutes. Everything about SkillShark is super efficient and useful. This program is of such great use for our industry. We needed something like this a long time ago.

Dari Arrington

SkillShark is the technology you want as a dedicated coach. SkillShark helps on a level that encourages player improvements, all while providing an amazing useable format that makes things so efficient.

Jill Blake Sutherland

SkillShark has made tryouts for our baseball club so much easier. It is user friendly and the customer service has been TOP NOTCH!!

Andrew Muir

The platform itself is incredibly simple for the administrators and evaluators. The app makes it extremely easy for us to track athletes across the country. We now have a professionally managed database of all our athletes. Not only do we strongly believe in the product, we believe in the people who are standing behind it. We will be SkillShark users for life.

Chris Shewfelt

SkillShark is a fresh and simple way to do the evaluations that clubs already do, just better. By taking away administrative tasks, more time can be spent developing successful athletes and winning teams. My experience with SkillShark shows it to be a valuable method, and one that is sure to become the status quo.

Bill Edwards

SkillShark is an essential tool for all youth sport organizations to take advantage of. As coaches, it is our job to provide both reinforcing and constructive comments to young athletes. SkillShark has helped immensely with our player development and provides a superior solution to our program.

Dean Toles

As a Roller Derby Coach and Official, I am tasked with training and evaluating High Level skaters as well as raw beginners. SkillShark has been an incredible tool for me to help evaluate and benchmark skaters as well as helping to develop training plans.

Justin Dee

SkillShark has been an invaluable tool for our tryouts. We have used it with nearly 400 athletes and it has been a great addition to our participants and parents, who now receive a college coaches evaluation after each tryout. We will be SkillShark users for life. Thanks SkillShark for bringing our tryout evaluations from the stone age to the digital age!

Gary Banerd

SkillShark has been a highly effective tool for myself and coaching staff to help pick our U14AA Ringette Team. The accuracy through SkillShark could never be achieved by our old school ways of pen and paper. I would highly recommend SkillShark for your next evaluation process

Scott Hudson

SkillShark is an efficient tool for evaluations, training and progression of our players. I now have statistics and information at my fingertips I wouldn’t be without.

Scott Searle

Ontario's Canada Games program has athletes all over the province. Providing them feedback about their performance is our biggest challenge. SkillShark software makes it easy for our coaching staff and guest coaches to record data and share it instantly with athletes. It is a great tool for teams and organizations of any size.

Derek Bloski

What we like best about SkillShark is being able to provide instant feedback. Before SkillShark we used the old-school method of pen and paper. Now using SkillShark we can view results right after the evaluation is complete. We wouldn't be without it.

Darrell Wagner

In the past our evaluations were done with a pad and paper and there were always many errors. We spent so much time on evaluations we would work sometime until midnight. With SkillShark we reduced our overtime and it paid for itself in the first evaluation.

Cory Trann

SkillShark is easy to understand, easy to check in players and has a very simple user friendly interface.

James Mays

We have 1000 kids, 87 different sessions, and close to 100 hours of evaluations that take place. I wouldn’t even be able to calculate the time SkillShark has saved us. Evaluators find it easy, coaches are happy, and I now have concrete data that I can show a parent if questions come up. It’s a great program.

Dominique Williams

If it wasn't for SkillShark I wouldn't be able to rank my players and give them the feedback they need to move forward.

Jordan Draeger

We’ve evaluated approximately 1200 players this season. It was super simple and convenient. Data entry usually took us eight hours a day, for fifteen consecutive days. With the volume of athletes that we need to process in one event, SkillShark has probably saved me about 120 hours overall.

Danny Demchanko

The beauty is in the print. One of my kids was recently at a fastball showcase ID camp where Skill Shark was used for the evaluations. A few days after the camp I received an email from the camp that detailed her performance. Clean and specific. High, low and average fastball and off- speed velocity and her ranking to the group of 60 plus players. A dozen more metrics all clean and listed in black and white. I printed the report off, sat down with my aspiring ball player and used the report as simple motivation and focus. Plenty of high fives. We set goals and again had the always occurring conversation effort and attitude matter.

Riley Burns

It honestly couldn’t have been easier to use SkillShark- it took us under ten minutes to get over 1200 kids set up in the program. We really couldn’t be happier with the team at SkillShark and the service they provided.

Chris Chelios

It was easy to use on our smart phone or tablet, very simple to train our evaluators, and we really like how parents had their kids results as soon as they stepped off the ice.