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SkillShark is a powerful scouting evaluation software and app for effective mobile scoring, recruitment and evaluation of players. Easily capture metrics from your mobile phone or tablet. Use historical data and player comparison charts for effective, accurate decision making.

  • Use any Smartphone or Tablet
  • Easily Compare & Draft Players
  • Analyze Performance Results

Trusted By Thousands of Leading Sports Organizations

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No More Data Entry

SkillShark software is easy to use and saves you time by eliminating the need for data entry during scouting assessments.

SkillShark is the best money I’ve spent to help me manage my records as an International Recruiter

Jack Cameron

CJFL Football Recruiter


Analyze Results and Draft Players

Instantly analyze results after data is collected. SkillShark allows you to view instant rankings, as well as create weighted, individual or roster reports.

Make informed decisions using in-depth analytics

Player analytics will be one of your strongest assets when it comes to scouting or recruiting players. With SkillShark, you can easily compare players and see a breakdown of specific skill-sets.

Compare Players

Easily compare two players who have similar performance results, and take a deeper dive into skill comparisons.

Group Payers & Create Lists

Easily group players and create lists. SkillShark allows you to create player lists for quick selection and organization of players.

Individual Player Reports

Instantly view and individual player reports for in depth performance results. Scouts and recruits can easily take live video at the event which will also appear on report.

SkillShark is easy to understand, easy to check in players and has a very simple user friendly interface.

Cory Trann

PA Minor Hockey- Evaluator

SkillShark is by far the most convenient and effective evaluation tool on the market

Andi Wolf

Head Coach – Cougars

Great use for our industry. We needed something like this a long time ago.

Farida Salem

Founder of Empower Football

The decision to use SkillShark with our National program has saved our Coaches and Evaluators weeks of data entry.

Courtney Ceo

USSSA National Program Director

SkillShark has made tryouts for our baseball club so much easier, and the customer service has been top notch!!

SkillShark review - Jill Blake Sutherland

Jill Blake Sutherland

SkillShark review - Jill Blake Sutherland SkillShark review - Jill Blake Sutherland SkillShark review - Jill Blake Sutherland SkillShark review - Jill Blake Sutherland SkillShark review - Jill Blake Sutherland

I wouldn’t even be able to calculate the time SkillShark has saved us.


James Mays

Technical Director, PA Minor Hockey

james-mays-thumbnail james-mays-thumbnail james-mays-thumbnail james-mays-thumbnail james-mays-thumbnail

I can print instant reports, sit down with my aspiring ball player and use the report as simple motivation and…

Danny Demchanko


It took us under ten minutes to get over 1200 kids set up in the program.

Riley Burns SkillShark Review

Riley Burns

Executive Director- Regina Community Basketball Association

Riley Burns SkillShark Review Riley Burns SkillShark Review Riley Burns SkillShark Review Riley Burns SkillShark Review Riley Burns SkillShark Review

SkillShark is the most innovative evaluation tool out there.

Frank Gilford


Now using SkillShark we can view results right after the evaluation is complete.

Derek Bloski - SkillShark review

Derek Bloski

SHA Hockey

Customize Your Evaluation Template

Editing your player evaluation template is easy with SkillShark. You have full control evaluation categories, metrics, scoring ranges and much more.

Use for scouting and recruitment of any sport

SkillShark’s templates are so customizable they can be used for scouting any spot. Basketball, football, volleyball, baseball, softball, soccer, hockey, any sport you can imagine.


The accuracy through SkillShark could never be achieved by our old school ways of pen and paper.

Gary Banerd

Head Coach

Evaluate Players on any Device

Scouts and recruiters can easily evaluate players using any smartphone or tablet when using the app. Simply design your evaluation template online, upload players and create your first tryout event. Your evaluation will instantly appear live in the app!

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Easily Sort & View Player Lists

Easily filter player lists, or add new players to your event. This makes it easy to sort and view player groups on the fly.

Easily Record Notes

Use voice to text for quick note taking on specific skills and metrics for players.

Enhance Evaluations With Video

Easily take video with your device and attach it to any metric to better understand performance.