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Industry Expert: How Hockey Coach Software Is Changing The Game

Industry Expert: How Hockey Coach Software Is Changing The Game

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Industry Expert: Aaron Wilbur Interview

Aaron Wilbur, the CEO and founder of The Coaches Site, speaks of his experience with SkillShark as a coaching app, sharing the countless ways hockey coach software has helped his organization.

Aaron works with minor hockey associations, governing bodies, charitable organizations, and strategic partners to enhance the experience of young athletes who are passionate about hockey.

See what he has to say below:

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FAQ — Hockey Coaching Software

Hockey coaching software benefits its users in the following ways:
Customized evaluation templates : Customize evaluation templates to your coaching recipe. Choose any skill or metric you want to evaluate your athletes on.
Elimination of data entry : Using a hockey coach software, players are scored right on your mobile phone or tablet. Once scores are entered, that data is automatically stored and ready to be viewed in report format. • Instant reports : Have instant access to view individual reports, weighted reports, and development comparison reports. • Player feedback : Your hockey players often want to know what skills they are excelling at and what might need more work. With athlete feedback reports readily available in the app, each of your players will have a clear understanding on how they can continue to develop.

Coaches, sports organizations, academies, and clubs can all benefit from the ease of use and effectiveness of a hockey coaching app.

SkillShark offers a hockey coaching app suitable for minor professional leagues, amateur or semi-professional leagues, or recreational hockey leagues.

Michelle Corry

Michelle is SkillShark’s dedicated marketing cognoscente. She is an avid athlete, dedicated professional, marketer and creative visionary. Michelle lived and breathed sports most of her life, being awarded athlete of the year back in early 2000, including a rugby scouting invitation from Team Canada. SkillShark has changed her perception entirely in terms of what she thought was possible in sports evaluation today.