Sports Evaluation Forms and Templates

Download our sports evaluation forms: printable PDF and Excel templates for team assessments and player evaluations.

Baseball evaluation form

Baseball Evaluation Form

Baseball evaluation form download for baseball tryouts and baseball team assessments.

Basketball evaluation form

Basketball Evaluation Form

Basketball evaluation form download for basketball tryouts and basketball team assessments.

Football evaluation form

Football Evaluation Form

Football evaluation form download for football tryouts and football team assessments.

Hockey evaluation form

Hockey Evaluation Form

Hockey evaluation form download for hockey tryouts and hockey team assessments.

Lacrosse evaluation form

Lacrosse Evaluation Form

Lacrosse evaluation form download for lacrosse tryouts and lacrosse team assessments.

Rugby evaluation form

Rugby Evaluation Form

Rugby evaluation form download for rugby tryouts and rugby team assessments.

Soccer evaluation form

Soccer Evaluation Form

Soccer evaluation form download for soccer tryouts and soccer team assessments.

Softball evaluation form

Softball Evaluation Form

Softball evaluation form download for softball tryouts and softball team assessments.

Tennis evaluation form

Tennis Evaluation Form

Tennis evaluation form download for tennis tryouts and tennis team assessments.

Volleyball evaluation form

Volleyball Evaluation Form

Volleyball evaluation for download for volleyball tryouts and volleyball team assessments.

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FAQ — Sports Evaluation Forms

An evaluation form provides coaches with a structured framework for scoring athletes. Relevant skills are listed and an objective scoring system is provided (i.e., rank from 1-5) to guarantee fair and equitable evaluations for all athletes.

SkillShark offers a wide range of customizable sport evaluation forms tailored to different sports, such as soccer, basketball, baseball, and more. These forms list various skills to assess a player’s techniques, physical fitness, and overall sports IQ.

All evaluation forms are easily downloadable and editable for your convenience.

No, sports evaluation forms can be adapted for various purposes, including recreational sports, fitness programs, and physical education classes.

An example of this includes utilizing a baseball evaluation form for tryouts and assessing players’ strengths & weaknesses. If not used for varsity or competing teams, it can have the same benefit for Physical Education classes.

Yes, sports evaluation forms are highly customizable and can be tailored to the specific requirements of different sports. This ensures that the evaluation criteria align with the unique skills and characteristics of each sport.

Eliminate data entry and improve evaluation accuracy with a sports evaluation app After a template is created (which can be either customized or a pre-filled template) evaluators can score players from their mobile device or tablet. Utilizing an evaluation app minimizes the chances of data loss or errors that often occur when transferring scores from an evaluation form to a spreadsheet.