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Evaluating Athletes With Evaluation Software

Evaluating Athletes With Evaluation Software


Evaluating athletic performance during a tryout, camp, or clinic is becoming easier than ever before as technologies continue to advance. Evaluation software gives coaches the ability to evaluate any skill (across any sport) to make accurate and timely team placement decisions.

Evaluators have a big job. Assuring athletes are scored correctly and evaluating each score with the proper amount of attention is essential. Therefore, we have compiled a list of our best tips for evaluating athletic performance using evaluation software.

Account Creation

Evaluators should have their accounts set up and ready to go before evaluation day to make the day run more smoothly. Evaluators should use an email address that is readily available to them, and create a password that they can remember easily or can be stored in a safe place. 

Build Familiarity With Features

After logging into the software, it’s time to become familiar with the software and all of its features. Of course, inputting player scores is the most important task at hand, but there are many features that evaluators should be aware of.

Video Recording

The ability to quickly record a video of an athlete is an important part of the evaluation, so athletes can see how they perform on skills that are being evaluatedAfter an evaluation, coaches can view these videos online, or choose to include them in reports to athletes.

Pre-filled Comments

If organizers have set up pre-filled comments, it is easy for evaluators to tap into a list of commonly used comments and select one. With a single tap, a comment can be left within a metric for athletes to see. Finding these within the app and understanding options that are available will save time and effort on evaluation day.

Voice-to-Text Comments

Evaluators can use the voice-to-text feature which removes the need for typing, and instead, translates spoken words into text to be uploaded with the event.

Skills segmentation

Oftentimes, an evaluator will be at a specific station scoring one skill only (i.e., an evaluator is placed at the hitting station in softball). Evaluators should be familiar with how to navigate to the metric(s) they are responsible for evaluating within the app.

Evaluating athletic performance with software

Evaluating athletes on 3 metrics within the skill “hitting” in volleyball

Navigate Other Features

Evaluators are encouraged to navigate through the evaluation software prior to the evaluation beginning. By creating new events, maneuvering through players, and understanding how the application works, evaluators will have confidence on the day of the event. 

Use SkillShark to help

When it comes to evaluation software, our goal at SkillShark is to make your evaluation, tryout or camp process go smoother than ever before. We understand the many kids that evaluators see each day, and we want to make that process easier with evaluation software.

SkillShark is easy to learn and perfect to share with your fellow coaches and friends! Evaluators are sure to see the difference that using athlete assessment software makes.

I’ve been coaching softball for more than 20 years and SkillShark is by far the most convenient and effective evaluation tool on the market.

Andi Wolf. Head Coach, Cougars

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FAQ — Evaluating Athletic Performance

Athletes, regardless of the sport, should be measured on skills related to speed, power, endurance, technique, and character.

Athlete evaluation software, such as SkillShark, helps evaluators and coaches easily score athletes on their mobile devices. Upon completion of an evaluation, a variety of reports can be instantly run for a more detailed analysis of players.

Choose 5-6 skills you want to evaluate in a sport. I.e., In volleyball, the skills would include hitting, blocking, setting, mental, passing, and serving). Within each skill, choose 3-4 metrics to evaluate. I.e., Within the skill “hitting,” metrics would include power, attack, and accuracy.


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