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Why Track Athlete Performance with Sports Evaluation Forms?

Why Track Athlete Performance with Sports Evaluation Forms?


Tryouts, camps, combines, mid-season evaluations, and showcases. Whatever the formal name, these types of athlete assessments all involve one main objective: scoring athletes efficiently.

With numerous athlete evaluations being conducted during a sports season, it is imperative that coaches can score athletes on the same skills year-round. This way, coaches can look back and see how their athletes have been progressing within a specific skill.

From that data, coaches can identify areas where athletes need improvement and adjust their technique accordingly. This may come in the form of adding additional drills to practice, rearranging players’ positions on the team, or conducting additional check-ins with players after practice. 

Without a way to track athlete performance, coaches are left in the dark after each assessment. Therefore, to make scoring athletes simple and efficient, SkillShark has developed sports evaluation forms to be used at all of your assessments—for 7 sports!

SkillShark is the leading athlete evaluation software for sports clubs, academies, and scouts. Score players easily, save time on form creation, and generate detailed insights all with SkillShark Athlete Evaluation Software.

What Sports Evaluation Forms Does SkillShark Offer?

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Download your free printable baseball tryout forms for baseball camps, team evaluations, baseball assessments, and showcase events.

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Download your free basketball tryout evaluation forms for basketball team tryouts and basketball player assessments.

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Download your free printable football tryout evaluation form for football team tryouts and football player assessments.

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Download your free printable hockey tryout evaluation forms for hockey player and goalie assessments.

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Download your free printable soccer tryout evaluation form for soccer team tryouts and soccer player assessments.

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Download your free printable softball tryout evaluation form for softball camps, team evaluations, softball assessments, and showcase events.

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Download your free printable volleyball tryout evaluation forms for volleyball team tryouts and volleyball player assessments.

Athlete Evaluation Form vs. Athlete Evaluation App

Athlete Evaluation Form:

  • Data entry is time-consuming
  • Limited real-time insights
  • Data can get lost, stolen, or misused

SkillShark Athlete Evaluation App:

  • Customizable evaluation templates
  • Score athletes on any device
  • Instant access to player reports

While an athlete evaluation form is simple, an athlete evaluation app excels in efficiency, real-time data, and advanced features. SkillShark’s app is the superior option. If you prefer a traditional approach, a traditional athlete evaluation form still remains an option.

Why Use an Athlete Evaluation App?

  1. Consistency: Score athletes on the same skills at every assessment.
  2. Observation: Understand athletes’ progression on every skill evaluated.
  3. Time-Saving: Take the legwork out of creating and formatting evaluation templates.
  4. Data-Driven: Easily analyze player development and compare players with reports.
  5. Competitive Edge: Gain an upper hand in talent identification, reporting, and team development.
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FAQ — Athlete Evaluation Form

An athlete evaluation form is a structured document, online form, or skill chart used to assess athletes on their performance, skill level, and potential. SkillShark currently offers athlete evaluation forms for: Baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, softball, and volleyball

The athlete evaluation form allows for a systematic assessment of players based on specific criteria, facilitating objective decision-making processes for team selection, players’ personal development, and talent identification.

Evaluating a player involves several steps to ensure a comprehensive assessment. During player assessments, evaluators follow these steps:
• Observation: Coaches and scouts observe players during practices, scrimmages, and games. They take notes in the SkillShark app and record observations on the skills and aspects being evaluated.
• Data Collection: Evaluators gather performance stats, including goals scored, assists, and plus-minus rating. They may also utilize video analysis to collect extra data that can be observed later by both the evaluator and the player.
• Rating: Utilizing the evaluation forms, evaluators assign ratings or scores to players based on their observations and data. These ratings quantify and compare players’ abilities within each category.
• Feedback & Comments: Evaluators provide detailed feedback and comments for each category to highlight strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. This feedback can be typed or spoken with the voice-to-text tool in our SkillShark software.

Summarized Information:
• Players are evaluated by being observed during their performance, practices, tryouts, and player assessments.
• Evaluators collect performance statistics, scorecards, measurements, and video analysis.

Yes. SkillShark is a 5-star, top-rated app and reporting software for tryouts, camps, and player development. We provide coaches, scouts, and evaluators with the leading global Mobile App solution for all sports. These resources can streamline the evaluation process digitally.

Overall Information:
• Player evaluation form templates and apps are available online. They can be helpful for coaches, scouts, and organizations.
• A comprehensive assessment can be accurately made by utilizing the software’s key components and evaluating players through observation, data collection, rating, and feedback.
• Whether it’s for youth or higher-level leagues, utilizing evaluation forms and leveraging available resources can enhance the evaluation process and contribute to the overall development of players within the sport.

The process is as easy as 1-2-3:
1. Using SkillShark’s mobile evaluation app, score athletes at any event using your mobile phone or tablet.
2. Using the web app, scroll to “Individual Reports.” **The second scores are inputted at an event, athlete reports are instantly generated on the backend.
3. Review each Individual Report, generated for every athlete scored, and hit SEND!
Note: You can send a report card via email to every athlete at once, or you can simply choose to send to select athletes at a time.

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