Top 10 Soccer Coaching Podcasts to Follow in 2024

Top 10 Soccer Coaching Podcasts to Follow in 2024


If you’re a soccer coach, player, or parent passionate about the beautiful game, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 soccer coaching podcasts for 2024.

These podcasts have been carefully selected based on their relevancy, listener reviews, social media following, and freshness. Tune in to get inspired and stay informed about our global game.

1. The Inside Scoop with Anytime Soccer Training

Frequency: 2 episodes/week | Avg Length: 30 min

The Inside Scoop Youth Soccer podcast tops our list this year. It’s a vibrant platform where parents and coaches worldwide discuss youth soccer dynamics in their cities. With insightful episodes and practical tips for parents, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone involved in youth soccer.

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Modern soccer coach podcast

2. Modern Soccer Coach Podcast

Frequency: 1 episode/week | Avg Length: 58 min

Hosted by Gary Curneen, the Modern Soccer Coach Podcast dives deep into the coaching world — featuring interviews, discussions, and personal insights. It’s perfect for coaches aiming to expand their understanding of the game and improve their coaching methodologies.

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3. The Ripple Effect with James Lawrence Allcott

Frequency: 1 episode/week | Avg Length: 45 min

James Lawrence Allcott’s content focuses on the Premier League, Champions League, and EFL Championship, discussing teams like Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, and more. He covers transfer news & tactical analysis and features collaborations with notable personalities like Mark Goldbridge, Rory Jennings, and ESPN.

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4. Chat By The Pitch

Frequency: 1 episode/day | Avg Length: 61 min

Chat By The Pitch is designed for parents with kids playing soccer in North Texas. The podcast helps parents find the right club and coach for their young athletes, featuring guests who discuss various aspects of player development.

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5. The Soccer Coaching Podcast

Frequency: 1 episode/quarter | Avg Length: 64 min

This podcast delves into topics impacting soccer coaching at the foundational and youth development phases. It’s an excellent resource for coaches focusing on the early stages of player development.

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6. GP Soccer Podcast

Frequency: 8 episodes/quarter | Avg Length: 69 min

Hosted by Giovanni Pacini, a recognized expert in player, goalkeeper, and coach development, the GP Soccer Podcast covers comprehensive aspects of coaching. Giovanni’s vast experience and engaging style make this podcast a standout.

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Soccer player development podcast

7. Youth Soccer Coaching Player Development Podcast

Frequency: 1 episode/week | Avg Length: 54 min

Saul Isaksson-Hurst, with his extensive experience in Premier League clubs like Chelsea FC and Tottenham Hotspur FC, leads engaging conversations with leaders in youth soccer development. This podcast is a goldmine for anyone passionate about nurturing young talent.

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8. WVSA Beyond The Pitch Podcast

Frequency: 2 episodes/quarter | Avg Length: 17 min

This podcast offers valuable information for soccer players, parents, referees, and coaches aiming to improve their overall development. It’s a concise and informative podcast that’s easy to follow.

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9. Coach Cameron Soccer Podcast

Frequency: 15 episodes/year | Avg Length: 21 min

Known for its honest and direct approach, the Coach Cameron Soccer Podcast addresses youth soccer development issues in America. It’s a daily podcast from Monday to Friday that will keep you updated and engaged.

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10. Talking Tactics with Coach Gough

Frequency: 6 episodes/quarter | Avg Length: 61 min

Brad Gough, aka ‘Coach,’ offers an in-depth look into the tactical side of soccer. With over 20 years of coaching experience, he reviews matches, interviews coaches, and even explores new beers each week.

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Wrapping Up

These top 10 podcasts offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for soccer coaches and enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to refine your coaching tactics or stay updated on the latest trends, these podcasts are sure to provide valuable insights and tips. Happy listening!

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