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How to Pitch SkillShark to Your Board

How to Pitch SkillShark to Your Board


About to present SkillShark to your board to get buy-in? Make the conversation thorough & informative by presenting the right information. We have compiled the main talking points needed to demonstrate the need for SkillShark, highlighting our main features and the benefits they offer.

Define the Problem

Answering the question: “Why is SkillShark needed?”

  • Pen-and-paper evaluations are a time-consuming process.
  • Collecting scores on paper forms leads to a greater potential for human error.
  • Manual configuration of reports lacks real-time insights
  • Athletes and parents receive little to no reason why the player did/didn’t make the team.

Present the Solution

Provide background on SkillShark

SkillShark is a software that allows youth sports organizations to provide concrete feedback to athletes easier than ever before, replacing what has historically been done with pen and paper.

Evaluators can score athletes using a cell phone or tablet, add videos & comments, and have the report cards sent out to athletes before they are even home from the evaluation.

Highlight main features

  • Customizable evaluation templates: Add any skill or metric(s) you want to evaluate your athletes on.
  • Mobile scoring ability: Score athletes right from your phone or tablet.
  • Player check-in: Check-in players as they arrive and add any last-minute walk-ons.
  • Athlete report cards: Send players individual feedback reports after an event.
  • Insightful reports: Rank players, compare players against each other, and track individual development over a series of events.
  • Message center: Keep athletes and evaluators updated on team placement decisions, practice schedules, and more.

Touch on benefits

  • Huge time savings: Spend less time collecting data & configuring reports and spend more time on coaching.
  • Real-time player insights: Player data is available in report-ready format right after an evaluation is complete. Get to ranking or comparing players right away.
  • Reduction of data entry: Digitizing the evaluation process removes the need for conducting pen-and-paper evaluations.
  • Improved athlete feedback: Individual athlete feedback can be provided regularly through athlete report cards.
  • Accurate decision making: Player ranking grids & comparison charts make for informed team placement decisions and identification of top players.
  • Increased registration numbers: When athletes and parents are provided with consistent & thorough feedback, they are likely to re-register for the following season.
  • Direction for parents: Athlete report cards inform parents of their child’s progress throughout the season.

Leverage social proof

  • 75% of players are ranked incorrectly when using paper.
  • 80% of users save 50 hours or more per event.
  • 86% of users see an improvement in player performance.
  • 96% of users say they would never go back to pen-and paper-evaluations.

Mention pricing plans

All plans are per athlete/per year. Sold in blocks of 25 athletes.

  • Rookie: Everything you need to run stress-free player evaluations. $5 per athlete/year.
  • Athlete: Enhance your evaluation process and get premium support. $10 per athlete/year.
  • Legend: Premium features for athlete development. $15 per athlete/year.
SkillShark pricing plans

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