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SkillShark Introduces Individual Development Reports

SkillShark Introduces Individual Development Reports


SkillShark is thrilled to unveil its newest feature: Individual development reports

With this feature, coaches can see how each of their athletes are progressing over time within specific skills. For instance, if a softball coach wants to look at how their athletes have developed their power and mechanics (in hitting) throughout the season, individual development reports provide coaches with this information through easy-to-read reports.

Why is individual development important in sports?

Athletes want feedback throughout the season to understand what skills they are excelling at and what skills need more attention. If coaches aren’t scoring and tracking these skills, it is difficult to provide athletes with any accurate feedback. Through individual development reports, the process is streamlined like this:

  • Players are scored on a variety of skills throughout the season at evaluations.
  • Scores are entered from a mobile phone or tablet using the SkillShark app.
  • Once scores are entered, that data is immediately saved and compiled in reports.
  • After a coach selects an athlete and metrics (up to 5), an individual development report outlines the progression of an athlete’s skill(s).

Player development report in SkillShark’s athlete evaluation app

SkillShark has significantly streamlined our processes, helping save time with data collection while providing instant athlete report cards after each session. SkillShark is hugely beneficial for our athlete development, as we can easily track their progress and identify areas for growth.

Phil Jevtovic. Senior Manager — Basketball Canada

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