Types of Athlete Reports to Run with SkillShark

Types of Athlete Reports to Run with SkillShark


You have just completed your spring tryouts. After scoring athlete performance on a variety of drills, two big questions loom over you: “Who should be drafted to the team” and “Which positions suit these players best?”

The answer to these questions comes in the form of reports. Rather than trying to manually configure these reports, which poses a risk of data loss and inaccurate results, SkillShark handles the task of creating reports for you.

Once players are evaluated on your mobile device, scores are automatically collected on the back end and formulated into 7 types of reports. All that is required from you is to select the report you want to view and specify the players and skills to analyze.

If you have ever been curious about the type of player insights you can glean within a player evaluation app, this blog is for you. Let’s run through the 7 types of athlete reports you can run with SkillShark!

**For team drafting decisions and identifying top talent, the following 4 reports are the most suitable.

1. All Scores Report

Want a high-level overview of athlete performance? With the all scores report, easily see a breakdown of results for all players, events (i.e., tryouts, mid-season evaluations, clinics, etc..), and skills. View performance results from highest to lowest to see how your players stack up against one another.  

After careful analysis of results, draft players to teams directly from the all scores report!

All scores report

All scores grid report. Overview of all skills within basketball

All scores report

All scores report. Further breakdown of skills within defense.

2. Athlete Report Cards

Beyond verbal feedback at practices, athletes will gain a solid understanding of the areas they are excelling at and what they need to work on via athlete report cards.

Once scores are collected from your event(s), you can make some quick & easy customizations to the report, controlling what the athlete sees (i.e., displaying overall rank and skill rank). After configured to your liking, reports are ready to be sent directly to your players’ inboxes!

Athlete report cards

SkillShark has significantly streamlined our processes, helping save time with data collection while providing instant athlete report cards after each session. SkillShark is hugely beneficial for our athlete development, as we can easily track their progress and identify areas for growth.

Phil Jevtovic. Senior Manager — Basketball Canada

3. Weighted Reports

Find top athletes across various categories, and create teams with weighted reports.

Let’s assume we want to create a weighted report for “Top Hitters” for our baseball team. To do this, we will name the report, turn on the metrics related to hitting (i.e., contact, mechanics, and velocity), and adjust the weighting for each metric to our liking. Once the report is created, top hitters will be ranked from highest to lowest in a colour-coded format for quick decision making!

To see exactly how to run a weight report, check out our tutorial video below.

Weighted report tutorial video

4. Strengths vs. Weaknesses

Compare up to 3 players on select skills and metrics (up to 5 at a time) with the strength vs. weaknesses reports.

Aside from helping to make drafting decisions and identify top players, the strengths vs. weaknesses report can be used for benchmarking: a great way to enhance athlete performance. I.e., One of your licenses can represent a pro athlete. After inputting performance data for that athlete, you can use the chart to show players how they compare against the pro athlete.

Strengths vs. weaknesses reports

Strengths vs. weaknesses reports

**For monitoring player development and gaining insights into players’ self-perception throughout the season, these 3 types of reports are the most effective.

5. Athlete Self-Assessments

Self-assessments will provide you with valuable insights while helping athletes align their mindset with their performance.

Simply inquire about your athletes’ self-perception by asking questions. Any of your evaluation metrics can be rephrased into self-assessment questions. If we take the evaluation metric ‘Character’, you can then ask your athletes to rank their leadership or coachability on a scale of 1-10.

Note: We recommend asking athletes to rank themselves on a scale rather than leaving the question open-ended.

Athlete self-assessments

6. Individual Development Reports

Individual development reports provide you with insights into how a single player is progressing within a skill(s) over time.

After you have selected metrics (up to 5 metrics can be selected), you can then see historical trends for each data point. Additionally, you can hover over each data point to see scores for each metric.

Athletes can visually see the impact of their efforts and you can use this data to refine your coaching technique (i.e., add additional practice drills to help a player improve hitting contact in baseball).

Individual development reports

Individual development reports

7. Compare Development Reports

Ever wonder how your players stack up against one another? Through player comparison reports, choose up to 5 athletes and analyze their progress over the season within a single skill (i.e., hitting mechanics).

Once the report is run, you can hover over each data point to see scores for each metric. These reports are invaluable when making final drafting picks or selecting top players.

Compare development reports

Compare development reports

Wrapping Up

Whether making team drafting decisions at the beginning of the season, gauging players’ self-perception mid-season, or comparing player development at the end of season, SkillShark reports offer valuable insights at any time. 

With real-time insights and a user-friendly interface, delving into player analytics has never been easier.

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