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Regina Community Basketball Association

Regina Community Basketball Association

How one group set up 1200 kids in SkillShark in under 10 minutes

The Regina Community Basketball Association is an organization committed to developing youth, coaches and referees. Established in 1931, they are the oldest youth sports league in Western Canada. Using their sport, they take great pride in creating a positive impact in the community of Regina.

The RCBA’s commitment to excellence led them to be in contact with SkillShark in the spring of 2019. RCBA decided to test the SkillShark platform for a select group of their athletes. 

“We ran our evaluations for our grades 5 to 8 over the course of two different weekends. Our Board of Directors made the decision we wanted to use SkillShark on a trial run with our grade seven and eight program this year,” says RCBA executive director Riley Burns. “It worked so well for us that we ended up using it for our grade 5 and 6 program as well!”

The RBCA focuses on fair play and equal opportunities, encouraging camaraderie and friendship and development of youth. They work with a wide variety of individuals from athletes, coaches, parents, evaluators and officials. The goals in a positive atmosphere for all, and SkillShark helped all of these parties to experience RCBA to the fullest this year.

“All of our evaluators really enjoyed using the program this year. SkillShark was extremely easy to use, the app was very quick, and it really streamlined the evaluation process for us.”

What led Riley and his team to take their pilot with SkillShark and expand it through their program? 

“The number one benefit for us was the amount of time saved on the administrative side SkillShark was really easy to set up. It’s super convenient- you can just upload all your athletes through an excel sheet, it honestly couldn’t have been easier. It really took us under ten minutes to get about 1200 kids set up in the program.”

After seeing how easy it was to get groups set up, it was a no brainer for the league to use it for multiple age divisions and groups.

Being a community minded program, it was very important for Riley and his team to work with a group who understood their goals and mission to empower youth in their basketball program. Riley was thrilled with his experiences and reported back, “The SkillShark team was extremely easy to work with. They were available on the weekend when we were on site. We really couldn’t be happier with the service that they provided us.”

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