Notre Dame Academy

Notre Dame Academy

Notre Dame Academy used SkillShark to reduce the administrative challenges associated with pen-and-paper evaluations while improving the process of delivering athlete feedback.

“The process of athlete evaluations used to take us 2-3 hours. Now, it is done in under 20 minutes with SkillShark.”

Tyler Stahl, Notre Dame Academy


Notre Dame Academy is a catholic school in Medicine Hat, Alberta for students ranging grades 6-9. Aside from their commitment to premier education, they offer sports academy programming in baseball, softball, hockey, soccer, and golf.


Before SkillShark, Notre Dame Academy spent hours logging scores from their athlete assessments. The process looked a little like this: jotting down scores with pen and paper, transferring data onto a spreadsheet, and finally, formulating player reports to generate insights.

Not only was this process laborious, there was a risk that scores wouldn’t be 100% accurate as vast amounts of data were manually transferred to spreadsheets.


By using SkillShark, all instructors could work together on the same assessment, whether that was a tryout or clinic. Once a unified evaluation template was created, every instructor gained access to it, enabling them to assess athletes right from their mobile devices.

Additionally, instructors had the ability to add video, comments, and feedback within the evaluation template. This made for athlete reports to be a lot more thorough and informative—something both athletes and parents enjoyed!


By switching to a digital evaluation method, Notre Dame Academy was able to save hours of human capital when conducting athlete assessments. What once used to be a task that took hours to complete could now be completed in a fraction of the time.

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