Going Yard Training Centre

Going Yard Training Centre

How SkillShark saved this training centre over 120 hours of data entry

Going Yard Baseball Centre is a baseball training company built on the idea of fostering the game of baseball within their local community.

Going Yard began using the SkillShark program in the fall of 2017, calling SkillShark their most important tool for player evaluations and development.

“In the past, we have had to compile the data and it takes a long time. Here we can kick out reports in a matter of probably 10-15 minutes after the evaluations are done,” says Owner/Operator Jordan Draeger.


Growing passion and love for the game of baseball requires a balance of teaching fundamentals, while also focusing on advanced and elite-level training. Focusing on direct athletic output leaves little room in Jordan’s schedule for administrative tasks.

“Data entry usually took me about 8 hours a day, and we would do it for about 15 consecutive days. Using SkillShark has probably saved me about 120 hours overall.”

Jordan’s staff and program pride themselves on the development of baseball skills for all levels and ages. With that, they understand the best “recipe for success” changes depending on the competition level and the age of each particular athlete. With SkillShark, Jordan is able to use the weighted reports functionality and craft his reports exactly as he sees fit per age group.

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“With the volume of athletes that we need to process in one event, having the weighted report section makes it easily accessible to kick out the data for upwards of 200 or 200+ kids at a time. We consider this the most important feature for our function.” 

So what is next for Going Yard and SkillShark? After evaluating 1200 kids this past season, the opportunities continue to expand. As Jordan’s program continues to be an elite offering in his community, SkillShark is able to help him take his game to the next level.

“SkillShark is by far the most value tool we have in our program. Every coach needs to have this!”

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