Junior Football League (CJFL)

Junior Football League (CJFL)

Learn why Football Recruiter, Jack Cameron,

believes SkillShark is the best money he has ever spent.

My name is Jack Cameron and I am an International Recruiter for organizations in the Canadian Junior Football League (CJFL). As a recruiter, I’m required to attend Player Combine’s and Evaluation Sessions on a regular basis to collect measurable metrics for analysis. In the past, I collected data with pencil and paper and relied on a spreadsheet provided by the event facilitator. This method proved challenging. The handwritten errors continued to occur, not to mention the complicated formulas on the spreadsheet were tedious and stressful.

SkillShark changed everything for the better. When using the app, metrics from every repetition, by every athlete, at every station can be directly entered using your smartphone. This means that you could have an analysis ready to download or email as soon as the event is finished, instead of a week later after fighting with formulas to produce comparison charts.

The reports that SkillShark creates are visually impressive and can be customized to your needs. Even if your needs change, you can re-customize how you see fit. I appreciate that I can run individual reports to see how each athlete sizes up against the average, or I can run comparison reports to match positional players for their strengths and weaknesses.

At the end of the day, SkillShark is the best money I’ve spent on software as an International Recruiter

I can imagine that the software would be even more useful as a long-term player development tool for an existing sports team, a sports academy, or a league manager.

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