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Goalkeeper Lineup Sheet:

  • Manually inputting data is a time-consuming process
  • Real-time insights are restricted
  • Risk of data loss, theft, or misuse


Goalkeeper Evaluation App:

  • Tailored lineup templates for easy creation
  • Evaluate players effortlessly on any device
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Frequently Asked Questions — Goalkeeper Evaluation Form

Goalkeeper Evaluation Form — Frequently Asked Questions What is a goalkeeper evaluation form? Why is it vital to understand the significance of a soccer goalie evaluation form? It refers to the tool used by coaches in assessing the performance and skills of goalkeepers during a trial or training session. This document may include some indices, for instance, reflexes, positioning, distribution and handling. The scale normally applied to these abilities is on a scale of 1 – 5 or 1 – 10.

Evaluating goalies has structured approaches that guarantee comprehensive appraisals. Let’s examine it:

– Observation: As Coaches will observe their goalkeepers during exercises, games or specific drills.
– Data Collection: Extra data could be sought from video analysis so as to analyze performances more deeply.
– Rating: Goalkeepers are ranked on several skills through evaluating forms according to what they have been observed doing by their trainers.
– Feedback & Comments: In order for keepers to know where they need improvement and their strong areas; they should be given feedback on respective sections of this assessment either on the form itself or via digital tools like SkillShark.

Definitely, SkillShark has the highest rated 5-star app for sports evaluations such as goalkeeping. The mobile application helps to simplify the evaluation process effectively by reducing manual data entry requirements and providing immediate feedback.

SkillShark also offers fully customizable goalkeeper evaluation templates that enable coaches to access them directly via their mobile devices or tablets. This allows them to customize criteria used during the evaluation process hence fitting your team’s or training program’s need.

There are several advantages of using the SkillShark goalkeeper evaluation app such as real time insights, secure cloud storage, video integration, and scalability for all levels of play. It improves efficiency when evaluating skills, minimizes administrative tasks, and provides useful information in building goalkeepers.

With SkillShark, converting evaluation form scores into a goalkeeper report card is straightforward:

1. Score goalkeepers using SkillShark’s mobile evaluation app during any event.
2. Access “Individual Reports” on the web app; reports are automatically generated as soon as the scores are input.
3. Review and send each Individual Report to goalkeepers via email—either to all at once or to selected individuals.

Traditional methods such as paper forms or spreadsheets are simpler but often require more time due to manual data entry and lack real-time updating. SkillShark eliminates these inefficiencies by automating data entry, instantly generating reports, and providing detailed feedback that aids in making informed decisions about player development.

A standardized goalkeeper evaluation form ensures consistency in how each goalkeeper is assessed, regardless of age, gender, or skill level. This uniformity minimizes subjective judgment and helps maintain fairness in the evaluation process, focusing solely on measurable performance criteria.