Sports Sponsorship Letter

Do you need sponsors for your next project or event, but don’t know how to approach them? That’s okay! Your first step in getting them interested and securing financing is to write an impressive sponsorship letter. With SkillShark’s professional guide and a free template that you can download, you will be able to make the right impression on potential supporters.

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Frequently Asked Questions — Sports Sponsorship Letter

A strong sponsorship letter should include an introduction to yourself or your organization, a clear description of the event or project, the specific request, what the sponsor will gain, and a warm invitation to discuss the proposal further.

Personalize your letter by mentioning potential sponsors by name, aligning your proposal with their values, and clearly stating the benefits of their support. Be concise, focused, and persuasive.

Ideally, keep your letter to one page. Sponsors are busy, and a concise letter is more likely to hold their attention. Provide additional details in attached documents or in a follow-up meeting.

Follow up within a week of sending your letter to ensure it was received and to express your enthusiasm about partnering with them. If you haven’t heard back in another week, it’s appropriate to send a polite reminder.