Score Players

Discover how easy it is to score your athletes on SkillShark.

Scoring players in SkillShark: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Select event

  • Select the event you will be evaluating.
  • Click enter scores.
  • Note: Trial users will only have the ability to create one event.

Step 2: Select players to score

  • Select which players to evaluate.
  • You can select “All Players” or you can filter by players lists (players segmented by age, region, and position).

Step 3: Select skills

  • As evaluators often times will only be assessing players on a small number of skills, they can select which skill (i.e., passing, skating, or shooting in the above example) to evaluate.

Step 4: Enter scores

  • Evaluators can use the slider or manually enter scores in the text box.
  • Once they are done evaluating that player, they will click on the bottom right button to move to the next player.
  • If they want to take a video, they will tap the video icon to film and attach. If they want to add a comment, they will click the text box to add a pre-filled comment.

There you have It! You’ve learned how to score players with SkillShark!

For more information on scoring players in SkillShark, visit our help center or schedule a call with a product expert.

Advanced Tips and Best Practices

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FAQ — Scoring Players

Downloads the SkillShark app on any iOS or Android device. Score players easily from your phone or tablet.

If you are hosting tryouts that span multiple days (and multiple age groups), create a player lists for each age group. Then, on the day of the evaluation, select players by filtering through pre-defined lists.

You will likely have one evaluator per station (i.e., one evaluator to assess passing, skating, shooting etc..).

Once your evaluator has downloaded the app and selected the event they will be scoring, they can select which skill(s) they will be evaluating. Therefore, they will only have to worry about scoring the specified skill for all players.

Yes! At any time, you can view scoring progress by player. After opening the left-hand navigation bar, will a red bar identifying scoring progress. If the bar is green, that means players have been scored on the selected skills. If the bar is blank or half green, that means players have not been scored on all (or some) skills.

You can either choose to add pre-filled comments or use the voice-to-text feature to quickly add in a comment.

Once all evaluators scores are completed, there is no need for them to do anything else! Data will be available in a variety of pre-generated reports for coaches to view upon completion of an evaluation.

Players can be sorted by jersey number, last name, or first name on the app. Then, have your players line up in that order during the evaluation for easy matching.