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Individual Development Reports – SkillShark

Discover how SkillShark makes individual development easily accessible, personable to each player and more efficient. Watch our quick guide on conducting individual development in our sports software app today.

Individual Development in SkillShark: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Navigate to Report

  • Go to the “Reports” section on the left-hand navigation bar and scroll down to “Individual Development.”
  • **In order for individual development reports to work, athletes must be evaluated on at least two events. Otherwise, their progress cannot be tracked throughout the season.

Step 2: Filtering

  • Head to the Events Filter to choose the specific events for which you want to show data.
  • Select the events you want to include in your analysis.
  • Click “Apply Filters” to ensure your selected events are considered in the analysis.

Step 3: Analysis

  • Navigate to the “Metric Select” button on the bottom right, and choose the specific metrics you want to include in your analysis.
  • You can then select the player you want to analyze (on the left-hand side) and hover over each data point to see scores for the chosen metrics.

Step 4: Customizing and Viewing

  • Customize your view by adding or removing metrics as needed.
  • To remove a metric, click the “X” button beside anexisiting metric.
  • To add a metric, click into the “Metric Select” to choose another metric.

There you have It! You’ve learned how to created individual development reports with SkillShark!

For more information on individual development reports in SkillShark, visit our Help Center.

FAQ — Individual Development

Individual development on SkillShark is an advanced tool designed to track and visualize player progression. These reports offer coaches clear insights into their players’ growth, making it easy to monitor and showcase improvement over time.

Individual development reports provide coaches with a detailed understanding of how their players are progressing over time. It allows coaches to visually demonstrate improvement, enhancing communication and awareness within the team.

Individual development reports will only display when relevant data is collected. Coaches can access these reports to gain a comprehensive understanding of individual player performance.

Individual development focuses specifically on tracking the progress of individual players. The platform also offers features like “Compare Development” and “Strengths versus Weaknesses” for a broader player analysis.

Yes, SkillShark allows coaches to compare the development of multiple players simultaneously. The platform provides flexibility in choosing events, metrics, and players for a comprehensive analysis.

SkillShark enables coaches to export individual development reports for further analysis or sharing. Download a PDF version of the report for easy collaboration with coaching staff or athletes.

Advanced Tips and Best Practices

Expert Advice: Maximize your player evaluation efficiency with these advanced strategies for monitoring each of your athletes’ individual development. Use technology for a more objective approach to improving their growth.

Use Cases: Discover how leading sports organizations use SkillShark to revolutionize player management and improve team dynamics.