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Advantages of Using Player Evaluation Software

Advantages of Using Player Evaluation Software

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When we think of sports, we think of competition. While the assumption is usually made for players on the court or field, there is a high level of competition off the playing surface as well. Competition is on the rise for sports organizations, academies, and scouts. Therefore, finding ways to differentiate your sports academy or organization has never been more important. Enter player evaluation software.

A cost-effective software that allows coaches to score players across any skill and analyze those scores through powerful reports. With this rich information, coaches can make team placement decisions based on data, not intuition.

What are the advantages of using player evaluation software?

Player evaluation software reduces data entry, provides feedback to athletes in a professional reporting format, and overall saves coaches time from having to set up spreadsheets and use Excel to try and analyze that data themselves.

Competitive Advantage #1: Reduces Data Entry

With the pen-and-paper evaluation process, it takes hours to transfer data from a spreadsheet onto the computer. Scores are entered one by one, and if a number is entered incorrectly, it is almost impossible to scan the spreadsheet to see where you went wrong.

After several hours of data entry, you are now tasked with analyzing this data. What reports will you run to visualize this data? How many reports should be generated to gain sufficient insights? These are some common questions you might be asking yourself after the burnout from data entry.

By using player evaluation software, player data is entered through any mobile phone or tablet and reports are automatically generated based on this data. Reports range from score grids, spider charts, line graphs, data tables, and more.

As data entry is reduced and reports are automatically generated, an immense amount of time is saved. With all the newfound time you now have back in your schedule, you can focus on what is most important to you: leading a team.

Competitive Advantage #2: Proof of Performance

Sports organizations and academies that can communicate are more likely to succeed than those that cannot. A huge advantage of using sports evaluation software is increased communication.

Increased communication = happy athletes = reoccurring revenues. 

By using player evaluation software, feedback can be provided to athletes instantly in a professional reporting format. With the click of a button, these reports can be shared with athletes via email. Athletes can gain a deep understanding of their progress made and areas that still need some extra work.

Individual player report provided in player evaluation software

An individual athlete report provided in SkillShark

Competitive Advantage #3: Brand Differentiation

In today’s world of digital media and increased competition, there is a lot of noise to cut through to be able to connect with your target audience — athletes and their parents. Sports organizations, academies, and clubs across the world are struggling to find ways to differentiate themselves. However, with evaluation software, these groups can differentiate themselves without having to invest any extra money in digital or print ads.

Professionally branded reports

A good player evaluation software will allow you to incorporate your business logo into the reports that will go out to parents and athletes. With this simple tactic, you will solidify your brand name on every report that gets sent out.

Creation of marketing content

With consent from athletes and parents, there will be potential to acquire testimonials from your athletes and share those tangible results on your website or social media channels. For instance, collect a testimonial from an athlete on how the use of individual player reports provided them with detailed and precise feedback (more than a verbal one-to-one meeting would have). Share this short testimonial with your followers to continue growing!

“So, how do I go about using something like this in my business?”

SkillShark has made it accessible and affordable for sports organizations, clubs, academies, and scouts to use the software. Priced at $5/athlete (annually), we are the most affordable program on the market.

Want to learn more about SkillShark?

The SkillShark product demo is the best way to learn. This includes white-glove setup of your evaluation, tour of SkillShark, and free 25 player trial.

FAQ — Player Evaluation Software

A player evaluation provides coaches with a comprehensive assessment of players based on specific criteria. Coaches can identify top athletes through player evaluations and make objective decisions for team selection.

Rather than the archaic pen-and-paper method, player evaluation software digitizes this process. Player scores are inputted through an app, therefore data won’t be misplaced, compromised, or stolen. Most importantly time can be saved through the elimination of data entry.

Sports clubs & organizations, academies, and scouts.

1) Single scores: A single measurement is provided. I.e., 30-second dribbling.
2) Subjective score: A measurement with a fixed scale. I.,e., A scale of 1–10.
3) Comment only: A great way to give qualitiative feedback.
4) Multiple scores: Muliple measurents are provided. I.e., Number of shots scored.

While there is no golden rule, player evaluations are typically conducted at the beginning of the season (during tryouts), mid-season, and at the end-of-season.

Player evaluations provide coaches with detailed insights into each athlete, helping them make accurate team placement decisions and monitor player development.

As athletes strive to improve their skill set throughout the season, players evaluations provide players with insight into their performance from a skill-by-skill breakdown.

Get started with a free trial on SkillShark to conduct your player evaluations. This trial will enable you to set up your first 25 players for free.

Book a demo to understand how a player evaluation software can benefit your sports organization, club, or academy. Below are some things to look for in a player evaluation software?

1. Ease-of-use: How simple is the software to use? Would it be easy to teach other evaluators?
2. Customer support: Is customer support available when you have a problem or question?
3. Customization: Can you customize your own evaluation template?


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