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Best Online Leaderboard Software for All Sports: Populates Player Rankings and Scores Instantly

Best Online Leaderboard Software for All Sports: Populates Player Rankings and Scores Instantly

SkillShark offers leaderboard software to create your own online leaderboard to display live player rankings and scores at your event. After you create your online leaderboard, you can easily display any leaderboard criteria on monitors at your sporting events. You can even share it with your sporting community by sharing a link or posting the leaderboard to your website.

Using SkillShark, you can generate your leaderboard in minutes. Your leaderboard will show live player evaluation results and rankings as player scores are collected using a team’s app such as SkillShark.

What Are Sports Leaderboards Used For?

A sports leaderboard is a display showing player results from a tryout, camp, showcase or combine. Depending on the capability of the leaderboard, you can group out things like categories, positions, drills, etc. For example, you could easily design a leaderboard to show Top Hitters, Top Fielders, and Top Batters at a baseball/softball combine.

When using SkillShark’s leaderboard feature, you could essentially have multiple TVs on the field or arena, showing multiple leaderboards. Depending on whether your event is a tryout, combine, showcase, or camp, you can align your leaderboard to capture and display whatever data you choose.

Please note: SkillShark is a player evaluation software, meaning the data/scores displayed on the leaderboard are collected by coaches and evaluators when using the SkillShark app. With SkillShark, you can measure athletes on skill or metric you choose within any sport.

Build Excitement With Online Leaderboards

Leaderboards are an exciting addition to any event. They will drive more competition with your athletes while impressing both parents and attendees.

Did you know, that our leaderboard will allow you to display LIVE data and rankings at any event you host? This means that as your evaluators collect scores using the SkillShark app, the player data is automatically synced to the leaderboard, and results are displayed instantly.

To do this, you will need the SkillShark software & app.

Prior to the event, you would simply design your custom leaderboard using SkillShark. SkillShark is not only famous for its leaderboards, but they’re also well known in the sports community for providing an easier way to evaluate players, as you can use any smartphone or tablet to run your evaluations.

To create your first leaderboard with us, you will select the SkillShark All-Star or Legend Plan from our pricing page. This will ensure you have leaderboards included in your evaluation package.

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Learn how SkillShark’s leaderboards can increase transparency and friendly competition among your athletes

FAQ — Online Leaderboard Software

SkillShark leaderboard are an exciting feature that displays live player rankings and scores from evaluations, camps, showcases, or combines.

They offer a visual representation of your team, showcasing scores in real-time. You can use them to enhance competition, showcase top performers, and promote professionalism at your sporting events.

Creating a SkillShark leaderboard is quick and easy. You can design it to display various criteria such as top hitters, overall tournament rankings, specific drills, and more. Depending on your event’s nature, you can align your leaderboard to capture and display the data that matters most.

Yes, you can have multiple leaderboards at a single event, each displaying different data. Whether it’s a tournament, combine, showcase, or skills camp, you can tailor your leaderboards to showcase specific metrics and categories.

SkillShark leaderboards rely on data collected by coaches and evaluators using the SkillShark app. The software is highly customizable, allowing you to measure athletes in any sport, skill, or metric you choose. This flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of sports.

SkillShark leaderboards add excitement and professionalism to events, fostering competition among athletes and impressing parents and attendees. They display live data and rankings, enhancing the overall experience.

SkillShark leaderboards use an internal ranking system that automatically calculates scores based on the weighting you create. You can customize the system to rank players based on their average scores over a select number of competitions or a single competition, depending on your preference.

To access leaderboard, you can select the SkillShark All-Star or Legend Plan from our pricing page. These plans include leaderboards as part of your evaluation package.

If you’re interested in trying SkillShark leaderboards, you canbook a demo. We’ll walk you through the process and show you how to get started, making your event even more exciting and professional.

Michelle Corry

Michelle is SkillShark’s dedicated marketing cognoscente. She is an avid athlete, dedicated professional, marketer and creative visionary. Michelle lived and breathed sports most of her life, being awarded athlete of the year back in early 2000, including a rugby scouting invitation from Team Canada. SkillShark has changed her perception entirely in terms of what she thought was possible in sports evaluation today.