Baseball Throwing Accuracy Drills

Baseball Throwing Accuracy Drills


In baseball, throwing accurately is as fundamental as swinging a bat. Observing teams during warm-ups often reveals potential winners based on their proficiency in basic throwing drills. Here, we explore the importance of precision in these throws and introduce drills that enhance this skill while incorporating competition and fun, making them perfect for team practices.

The Foundation of Accurate Baseball Throwing Drills

Baseball Throwing Accuracy Drills

Understanding the basics of proper throwing mechanics is crucial. These key points are essential when players perform any baseball throwing drills:

  • Four-seam grip: This grip ensures the ball travels straight, aiding in accuracy.
  • Elbow positioning: Players should keep elbows above their shoulders throughout the throw to help maintain accuracy and reduce strain.
  • Targeted shoulder: The front shoulder should always point towards the intended target.
  • Step towards the target: Movement should be directed towards the target, whether pitching or making a field throw.
  • Follow through: Players should always continue the motion towards the target after the ball has been released.

Baseball Throwing Accuracy Drills – From Theory to Practice

These principles can be implemented through specific drills designed to reinforce accurate throwing.

Power Position Drills

The power position focuses on essential mechanics to improve throwing accuracy, which is ideal for players of all ages:

  1. Four-seam grip: Always start with this grip.
  2. Stable base: Position feet wide apart.
  3. Ball positioning: Move the ball “out and up” from the glove, ensuring the hand is above the ball.
  4. Shoulder alignment: The front shoulder must point directly at the target.
  5. Focus on mechanics: This is not about speed but mastering the throw.
  6. Weight shift: Players should initiate the motion by shifting the weight to their back foot.
  7. Elbow dynamics: The elbow should be kept above the shoulder throughout the throw.
  8. Complete the follow-through: Players should finish with the arm, keeping both feet on the ground.
  9. Hip rotation: A pronounced hip turn should be present in the finish.
  10. No striding: Encourage a shorter stride to enhance control.
  11. Full motion: Players should return to the starting position to extend the throwing motion fully.

Drill Set-Up

You need a few baseballs and a target such as a screen or net for effective practice. The Jugs Instant Screen is recommended due to its built-in target, though any marked surface will work.

Basic Accuracy Drill

  • Position: Players should stand 15 to 20 feet from the target in the power position.
  • Execution: Players will throw towards a marked target. Each accurate throw scores a point only if the power position is correctly executed.
  • Group activity: Rotate turns in a group setting, using a bucket of balls to ensure ample practice.

As players improve, gradually increase the distance to challenge their accuracy without compromising the power position mechanics.


Advanced Accuracy Drill

This drill builds on the basic setup:

  • Add a challenge: Place a ball on a batting tee before the target.
  • Scoring: Points are awarded for hitting the strike zone, with additional points for knocking the ball off the tee and using SkillShark’s baseball evaluation app to track scores and evaluate results seamlessly.
  • Variations: Allow throws from the power position and regular motion to cater to different skill levels.

Watch this drill in action.

Throwing After the Catch for Accuracy

This dynamic drill involves movement and accuracy:

  • Setup: Place three cones in a line towards the target, each a bit closer to the target than the last.
  • Action: Players start at the first cone, shuffle to it while preparing their throw, and follow the throw past the third cone.
  • Scoring: Points are given for each ball that hits the target zone, emphasizing proper follow-through; again, be sure to use SkillShark’s baseball evaluation app to track scores effectively.

Integrate these drills into regular practice sessions to enhance the accuracy and mechanics of baseball throws, which is essential for successful gameplay. Coaches and players will see noticeable performance improvements.

Baseball Coach Niel Anderson’s Notes on Baseball Throwing Accuracy

  1. Visualization – Play the movie in your head of you executing a perfectly mechanically delivered pitch or perfectly fielded ground/fly ball and throwing a ball on target to where you want the ball to be thrown.
  2. Close the Loop – Before every throw, understand well EXACTLY where you want to throw the ball.  After EVERY throw, see where the ball ended up and ‘close the loop’ in your mind by knowing ….”next time I want it to be ____(higher/lower/more to the left/right)”
  3. Speed/Accuracy Drill—There are two muscle types: fast-twitch and slow-twitch. Mixing in throwing a tennis ball (lighter weight) to help develop fast-twitch muscles will also help with speed and accuracy as your body learns to adapt.

Youth Baseball Throwing Drills

Incorporating engaging throwing drills is crucial for youth baseball players to improve their throwing accuracy and overall enjoyment in baseball. One such drill is the “Color Call Throw,” which combines accuracy training with quick decision-making, making it ideal for youth baseball practices:

  1. Setup: Set up multiple targets around the throwing area, each marked with a different colour.
  2. Execution: Coaches or teammates call out a colour, and the player must quickly identify the correct target and make an accurate throw.
  3. Focus: This drill emphasizes quick thinking and precision, as players must swiftly process the colour call and align their throws accordingly.
  4. Variation: To increase difficulty, coaches can add multiple colour calls quickly, requiring players to remember and execute throws in the correct order.

The “Color Call Throw” not only enhances throwing accuracy but also helps young players develop their cognitive abilities and reaction times. Integrating such drills into regular practice sessions can significantly improve young athletes’ fundamental skills and youth baseball players’ ability to perform under pressure, ensuring they have fun and stay engaged throughout their training.

How the SkillShark App Enhances Training

SkillShark offers an innovative solution designed to enhance baseball training sessions. With SkillShark, coaches can track player performance and provide real-time feedback after each evaluation or practice. This can be incredibly valuable in drills like those mentioned above, where accuracy and technique are essential. Coaches can set specific goals for players, monitor their progress in real time, and adjust training methods accordingly. Additionally, SkillShark makes sharing feedback with players and parents easy, fostering an engaging and collaborative training environment.

Baseball fielder throwing

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FAQ — Baseball Throwing Accuracy Drills

Throwing accuracy is crucial in baseball because it affects nearly every aspect of the game.

Accurate throws can control base runners, make plays at bases, and support pitching by reducing errors and unearned runs. Improving accuracy can significantly enhance a team’s defensive reliability and overall performance.

The four-seam grip is widely regarded as the best grip for improving throwing accuracy. This grip allows the ball to spin off the fingertips in a straight, tight spiral, minimizing air resistance and enhancing the throw’s stability and accuracy.

Baseball players should integrate these drills into their regular training sessions at least 2-3 times per week. Consistency is key in developing muscle memory and improving accuracy. However, it’s also important to balance practice with adequate rest and recovery to prevent arm fatigue and injury.

Many of the drills outlined, such as the basic accuracy drill and power position drills, can be performed alone, making them ideal for individual practice sessions.

However, drills like “Throwing After the Catch” for accuracy are more effective with partners or within a team context to simulate real game scenarios.

The SkillShark app enhances these drills by providing tools for detailed performance tracking and analytics. Coaches can use the app to record player performance, analyze technique, and give instant feedback.

This allows for more personalized coaching and helps players visualize and understand their progress over time, leading to more targeted improvements and a higher level of skill development.

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