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Water Polo Evaluation App

Water Polo Evaluation App and Software for coaches. Trade in the water polo evaluation forms and assess players any criteria from your mobile device or tablet. Receive instant access to performance data and professional development tools for athletes.

  • Easily Upload Players & Create Teams
  • Track Your Player Progress
  • Send Instant Player Reports
  • Evaluate Using Any iOS or Android

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Customizable Water Polo Template

Our standard water polo evaluation template is completely customizable, so you can create an assessment that fits your exact needs. Use SkillShark to evaluate any form of water polo criteria using your mobile device or tablet.

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Evaluate Players on Any Device

SkillShark gives you a completely customizable water polo evaluation experience that allows you to run tryouts, camps and team assessments with ease.

Athlete evaluation software scores.

Rate Players

Rate players based on subjective and objective measurements.

Record Time & Reps

You can easily start and stop times for drills and count reps with a click of a button.

Player Video Recordings

You can take a video with your device and attach it to any player for their evaluation.

Easy Mobile Evaluations

Simply put your phone in your pocket and evaluate from anywhere. Eliminate pen & paper evaluations, including the pains of data entry.

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Online and Offline Modes

No wifi, no problem. Evaluation data will sync to the platform once you are connected.

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Video Recording

Record video and easily tag to any metric. Excellent for player development.

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Customizable Templates

Use existing templates, or edit and create one from scratch. Your evaluations done your way.

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Instant Player Reports

Once player data is collected, you can instantly view your player evaluation reports. Easily send to athletes or use internally.

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Pre-fill Comments

Easily create a set of commonly used positive, neutral or negative comments for evaluators to tap in. Save time and increase feedback.

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Generate Revenue

Opt to charge for reports and instantly generate income for your club, academy, or organization.

Analyze Results and Create Teams

SkillShark allows you to instantly run weighted, individual, or roster reports. Use the data to compare players or instantly create teams for the season.

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Water Polo Tryout Evaluation Form VS Water Polo Evaluation App

Water Polo Evaluation Form

When using a water polo evaluation app during water polo tryouts, you can simplify the assessment process and ensure precise data collection. Transitioning from traditional water polo evaluation forms to a water polo evaluation app will eliminate the need for manual data entry, reducing errors and saving time.

Water Polo Evaluation App

By adopting a water polo evaluation app like Skillshark, you gain the ability to swiftly analyze player data. With Skillshark, you’ll have the convenience of tracking player performances over multiple sessions and generating instant feedback reports once the evaluation is concluded. This streamlines the evaluation process and enhances the overall efficiency of water polo tryouts, enabling coaches and scouts to make well-informed decisions about selecting and nurturing talented players.

Evaluation form vs evaluation app

Frequently Asked Questions – Water Polo Evaluation Form VS App

A Water Polo Evaluation is designed to assess the performance, skills, and potential of swimmers during matches and training sessions. It serves as a vital tool for coaches, trainers, and evaluators to gauge abilities and progress. The assessment process allows for a structured evaluation of players based on specific criteria, enabling objective decision-making for skill enhancement, practice plans, and talent recognition.

Important Information:
• A Water Polo Evaluation assesses players’ performance, skills, and potential.
• It is utilized by coaches, trainers, and evaluators.
• It contributes to improving players’ performance and achieving success in the pool.
• With SkillShark, player assessments can be conveniently conducted, tracked, compared, and stored using a mobile device or tablet.

Transitioning from an Evaluation Form to using an App can significantly benefit coaches, trainers, and organizations in terms of efficiency and the overall improvement of players. Utilizing sports evaluation software, like SkillShark, enables multiple assessors to critique players through an App, covering various water polo skills and metrics, automatically centralizing data and generating comprehensive reports.

Important Information:
• Evaluators use these assessments to gain insights into players’ strengths and areas for improvement.
• With SkillShark, sharing feedback and performance reports with players is as simple as a few clicks.

SkillShark is our top-rated app and reporting software for evaluations, providing coaches, trainers, and organizations with a leading Mobile App solution. These resources streamline the assessment process digitally.

Important Information:
• These templates can be utilized digitally with the SkillShark App for evaluating players and can be purchased from our website. They are valuable for conducting assessments during practice sessions and events.
• Whether for recreational or competitive purposes, employing Evaluation Forms and utilizing available resources can enhance the assessment process and contribute to players’ improvement.
• Skillshark also offers free printable Evaluation Forms. However, we strongly recommend using the evaluation app for customizable templates, instant performance reports, and unlimited water polo assessments.