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Player Report Cards – SkillShark

Discover how SkillShark simplifies and improves Individual Player Reports. Watch our quick guide for creating report cards below.

Send Player Report Cards in SkillShark: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Select Individual Reports

  • On the left-hand navigation bar, click “Reports.”
  • Within the Reports section, choose “Individual Reports.”

Step 2: Select the Event

  • On the top left, click on the “Events” button.
  • Select which event you would like to view the individual reports for (only one event can be selected at a time).

Step 3: Viewing and Tailoring Individual Reports

  • Click on “View” next to a player’s name to access their individual report.
  • Customize the report by adjusting the settings. I.e., Group scoring visibility, display options, and player details.
  • Hit “Save” to apply your customized settings, which will apply to all player reports.

Step 4: Send Reports

  • Select specific athletes by checking the boxes next to their names. Then click “Send Reports” on the top right to send these to your athletes’ inboxes.
  • If you want to send reports to all athletes at once, select all players and click “Send Reports.”

There you have It! You’ve learned how to send player report cards with SkillShark!

For more information on player reports in SkillShark, visit our Help Center.

FAQ — Individual Reports

Individual reports in SkillShark provide coaches with detailed insights into an athlete’s performance. These reports offer a visual representation of an athlete’s progress compared to the team, helping coaches identify areas for improvement and implement targeted coaching strategies.

1. Navigate to the “Reports” section on the left-hand menu. 2. Select “Individual Reports.” 3. Filter events as needed to focus on specific data.

SkillShark allows you to tailor your reports. You can choose specific events, select individual athletes, and customize settings such as showing or hiding metric ranks. This ensures a personalized and relevant view for your coaching needs.

The Athlete Locker Room is a centralized hub for managing athlete communications. Select the events you want to send reports for, write a personalized message, and click “Send Invites.” It streamlines the process of sharing insights with your athletes.

Yes, individual reports rely on collected data. If you haven’t had an evaluation yet, you can still watch our tutorial video for educational purposes. Once data is available, Individual Reports become a powerful tool for performance analysis.

Advanced Tips and Best Practices

Expert Advice: Maximize your player evaluation efficiency with these instructions for sending individual player reports. Learn how to personalize assessments and feedback for each players’ growth.

Use Cases: Discover how leading sports organizations use SkillShark to revolutionize player management and improve team dynamics.