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Evaluator Set Up

Discover how evaluators can create their SkillShark account, filter players, and enter scores.

Step 1: Create SkillShark Account

If you do not have a SkillShark Account, once you have been invited to an event, you will receive an email with a 5 character code. If not in your inbox, check your spam folder. Download the SkillShark App from the store and tap GET STARTED.

Enter the 5 character code from the email. This code is only needed once to create your account.

OPEN THE EVENT in the SkillShark App you’ve been invited to and see the Event Dashboard.

SkillShark login
Login code
Evaluation events


Event dashboard

Step 3: Filter Players

Filter which players you wish to evaluate if any (e.g. “2012 Boys”) and hit CONTINUE.

Select players

Step 4: Choose Evaluation Criteria

Choose which criteria from the template you wish to focus on and hit START EVALUATION.

Choose evaluation criteria

Step 5: Add Scores, Comments and Videos

Add scores
Add videos
Add comments

*It is highly recommended to watch the 2 minute tutorial video in the mobile app

Tutorial video icon

If focused on multiple metrics, PLAYERS MODE is ideal. Hit the VIEW SKILLS button at the bottom to switch to other metrics you wish to focus on as required.

Player mode

If focused on a single metric (e.g. “60 Yard Dash”), METRICS MODE is ideal, allowing you to have all the athletes on the screen at one time

Metrics mode

If given permissions, any evaluator in PLAYERS MODE can add a walk-on player in the mobile app to be viewed by other evaluators on a network. Hit MANAGE PLAYERS at the top and the ‘+’. This new athlete is viewable by other evaluators as long as they have not been filtered out of view.

Example: Evaluator A adds Billy Smith in the mobile app as a walk-on athlete and adds him to a list called ‘2012 Boys’. Evaluator B, working a different station currently, is only viewing the list of ‘2014 Boys’. Billy will not show up for Evaluator B until the filter settings are changed.

Add player walk-ons
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