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Creating Events

Discover how SkillShark simplifies and streamlines player evaluation and organization. Watch our quick guide to creating events in SkillShark below.

Create An Event in SkillShark: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Access events

  • Start by selecting “Events” from the left-hand navigation menu.
  • Click “Add New” on the top right-hand side to create your event.
  • Name your event and input the start date and time. If your event spans multiple days, include an end date.

Step 2: Hide players (Optional)

  • Hide Player Names (Optional): If confidentiality is necessary, you can hide player names or positions from the evaluators.

Step 3: Select skills

  • Select which skills you would like to evaluate.
  • *Your evaluation template that you have previously created will populate, allowing you to select which skills you want to be included in this event.

Step 4: Invite evaluators

  • Check off all the evaluators you wish to invite.
  • If you would like to add a new evaluator to the event, type in their email and role type at the top and then click “Invite.”
  • After continuing, you’ll have the option to notify evaluators immediately via email or proceed without notification.

Step 5: Create a player list

  • Select which players you want to evaluate.
  • Aside from evaluating all players, you can also select specific players lists or teams. This ensures that only targeted players are included in the evaluation.

Step 6: Duplicate event

  • This feature is useful for events with similar structures or when you’re conducting self-assessments that only require slight revisions.

Step 7: Lock event

  • You can lock your event to prevent changes after the evaluation. This ensures the integrity of the data collected during the event.

Step 8: Export data

  • SkillShark also offers the functionality to export player data to Excel from the dashboard for all your events, making data management and analysis straightforward. Note: This feature is not included in the trial plan.

There you have It! You’ve learned how to create an event with SkillShark!

For more information on creating events in SkillShark, visit our help center or schedule a call with a product expert.

FAQ — Creating Events

On the Skillshark app, begin by selecting ‘Events’ from the left-hand navigation menu. Then click on ‘Add New’ to initiate the event creation process.

You can create events in SkillShark for all sports we offer. Check out our sport list here.

You can create various types of events including tryouts, camp showcases, team evaluations, or self-assessments. Choose the option that best suits your evaluation needs.

Yes, you have the option to hide player names or positions from evaluators for confidentiality purposes during the evaluation process.

Type in the evaluator’s email and click ‘Add to Event’. Remember to check off the names of all evaluators you wish to invite. You can then choose to notify them immediately via email or proceed without sending notifications.

You have the option to export these events from the SkillShark app results onto Excel, making data management a lot more efficient and direct.

Advanced Tips and Best Practices

Expert Advice: Maximize your player evaluation efficiency with these event creation strategies. Learn how to create, edit, and share events within player pools for targeted assessments and feedback.

Discover how leading sports organizations use SkillShark to revolutionize player management and improve team dynamics.