Mastering the Essential 6 Football Combine Drills

Mastering the Essential 6 Football Combine Drills


Preparing for a football combine can be daunting, but with the right strategies and techniques, you can excel in each drill and stand out from the competition. Football combines are critical for athletes to demonstrate their abilities across various physical tests, and performing well in these drills can significantly impact your athletic career. This guide covers essential tips and best practices for mastering the six key football combine drills, ensuring you’re ready to shine when it matters most.

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1. Mastering the 40-Yard Dash: A Key Football Combine Drill

The 40-yard Dash is often considered the most crucial test at any football combine. Your performance in this sprint can be a make-or-break factor for your athletic career.

The Stance

Begin aggressively, placing the foot slightly opposite your dominant hand back. This setup allows for a powerful and quick start, critical for shaving off milliseconds from your sprint time.

The Launch

Focus on a powerful first step and minimal weight on your back leg. This technique ensures maximum propulsion from the starting position.

The Sprint Technique

Maintain a 45-degree body angle and envision pushing the ground away behind you to maximize your acceleration. This mental imagery helps maintain speed throughout the dash.

See the 40-Yard Dash in action here

2. Agility on Display: The 5-10-5 Football Combine Drill

Also known as the Short Shuttle, this drill tests your lateral quickness and ability to change direction efficiently.

Execution Tips

  • Start Position: Adopt a stance with your lead hand down and the opposite arm barred across the body.
  • Movement: Use large cross steps to cover the first 5 yards swiftly, then pivot sharply at the turn points without losing momentum.

See the Short Shuttle in action here

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3. The L-Drill: Mastering Agility in Football Combine Drills

The L-Drill, or 3-Cone Drill, is crucial for demonstrating your agility and ability to navigate tight turns.

Performing the Drill

  • Initial Stance: Begin in a left-handed stance regardless of your dominant hand, staying low to maintain speed around the cones.
  • Cone Navigation: Tighten your route around each cone to minimize the distance covered and maintain a high speed throughout the drill.

4. The Standing Broad Jump: Power Testing in Football Combine Drills

This drill measures your lower-body explosiveness and balance.

Technique for Optimal Performance

  • Preparation: Ensure a consistent starting ritual to maximize each jump’s effectiveness and repeatability.
  • Execution: Use a powerful arm swing to enhance your forward momentum, focusing on landing smoothly to prevent any backward movement.

5. The Vertical Jump: Maximizing Potential in Football Combine Drills

The height achieved in the vertical jump directly indicates your leg power and explosiveness.

Jump Strategy

  • Stance and Setup: Align your shoulder with the post and use a calculated arm swing to drive your body upwards.
  • Mental Focus: Visualize the target height and execute with consistent technique to maximize your vertical reach.

6. The Bench Press: Strength Assessment at Football Combines

The bench press test at football combines assesses your upper body strength and endurance.

Pressing Techniques

  • Grip and Stance: Utilize a wide grip to shorten the range of motion, and engage your whole body to support the lifting movement.
  • Execution: Focus on quick, forceful reps to maximize the number you can achieve within the time limit.

Conclusion: Excelling at Football Combine Drills

Mastering these combined football drills requires dedication, practice, and the right techniques. By focusing on the specific strategies outlined for each test, athletes can significantly improve their performance and overall combined scores. Remember, practice makes perfect, and consistency is key.

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FAQs About Football Combine Drills

Football combine drills are specific physical tests used to evaluate the athletic abilities of football players. These drills are crucial as they provide measurable insights into a player’s speed, agility, explosive power, and overall athletic performance, which coaches and scouts use to make recruitment decisions.

Athletes should train for football combine drills at least 3-4 times a week, focusing on different aspects of their performance. Consistent practice combined with proper rest and recovery is key to improvement.

Common mistakes include starting too quickly in the 40-yard dash, resulting in poor form and slower times, and not staying low enough during agility drills like the L-drill and the 5-10-5 shuttle, which can affect turn efficiency and overall time.

SkillShark provides coaches with powerful tools to accurately assess and track the performance of their athletes during combines. It offers real-time analytics and customized feedback, enabling coaches to make informed decisions and tailor training programs to improve athlete performance effectively.

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