Cricket Tryout Evaluations

Cricket Evaluation Software & App. Customize your template to measure any metric. Finally run your cricket tryouts, camps and team assessments with ease.

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Standard Cricket Template

Our standard cricket template is completely customizable so you can create an evaluation that fits your exact needs.


Back Lift

Complete the Shot


Initial Mvmnt



Force of Absorp.


Loading & Align.




Diving Catches

High Catches

Moving Catches

Stationary Catches

Ground Fielding

Over Arm Throw

Under Arm Throw

SkillShark Testimonials

Listen to what customers have to say about SkillShark and learn how it’s helping improve their program.

Evaluate Players on any Device

SkillShark gives you a completely customizable athlete evaluation experience that allows you to run tryouts, camps and team assessments with ease.

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Rate Players

Rate players based on subjective and objective measurements.

Record Time & Reps

You can easily start and stop times for drills and count reps with a click of a button.

Player Video Recordings

You can take a video with your device and attach it to any player for their evaluation.

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Online and Offline Modes

No wifi, no problem. Evaluation data will automatically sync to the platform once you’re connected.

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Live Video

Record live video when evaluating on any metric. Your recordings are stored using the cloud, which can then be accessed for player development.

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Customizable Templates

Use existing templates and edit or create your own from scratch. Your evaluations done your way.

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Instant Player Reports

Once evaluation data is collected, data is synced and reports are generated instantly. You can easily send them to players or use them internally to make better more informed decisions.

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Pre-fill Comments

Upload a set of commonly used positive, neutral or negative comments for evaluators. This helps save time while increasing player feedback.

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Player Images

Quickly capture profile images for players right through the mobile app. Images automatically sync to their profile and reports.

Analyze Results and Create Teams

SkillShark allows you to instantly run weighted, individual, or roster reports. Use the data to compare players or instantly create teams for the season.

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Run Weighted Reports

Craft your ideal player by weighting categories or even specific metrics that were collected.

Compare Players

Use any of the reports to rank, sort and use historical data to visually track athletes.

Create Teams

Instantly create and sort teams. Export to team management softwares in one click!

Scott Searle - SkillShark Review - Team Canada Softball
The beauty is in the print. One of my kids was recently at a fastball showcase ID camp where Skill Shark was used for the evaluations. A few days after the camp I received an email from the camp that detailed her performance. Clean and specific. High, low and average fastball and off- speed velocity and her ranking to the group of 60 plus players. A dozen more metrics all clean and listed in black and white. I printed the report off, sat down with my aspiring ball player and used the report as simple motivation and focus. Plenty of high fives. We set goals and again had the always occurring conversation effort and attitude matter.

Danny Demchanko


Softball Canada Coaching Committee Member,
Ontario’s Canada Games program has athletes all over the province. Providing them feedback about their performance is our biggest challenge. SkillShark software makes it easy for our coaching staff and guest coaches to record data and share it instantly with athletes. It is a great tool for teams and organizations of any size.

Scott Searle

Softball Canada Coaching Committee Member,

“SkillShark is the most innovative evaluation tool out there. It’s easy to use and completely eliminates any data entry. SkillShark will revolutionize your athletes and your business. You will not be disappointed.”

Frank Gilford


Founder of Empower Football
The software was super easy to learn. I was able to explain to the team how to use it in just under 20 minutes. Everything about SkillShark is super efficient and useful. This program is of such great use for our industry. We needed something like this a long time ago.

Farida Salem

Founder of Empower Football