Coaching App for Sports Team Evaluations, Drafting Players, and Scouting.

Coaching App for Sports Team Evaluations, Drafting Players, and Scouting.

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For coaches, scouts, and sports organizations, finding an app to effectively collect and analyze player data is not always an easy task. With so many coaching apps out there, it’s often hard to find the perfect fit for your program. There are many unique use cases out there for sports organizations, which is why finding a versatile application is important.

So how can sports evaluation and team management apps help coaches?

Save Time: Time is our greatest asset, yet, many coaches are still doing hours of data entry into spreadsheets and evaluating athletes using pen and paper. Having an app where you can collect player data from a mobile device or tablet, comes with many conveniences. This eliminates any data entry and coaches have the ability to view player performance instantly after data is collected.

Improve Communication:  Communication can come in many forms but we do know that when coaches, sports organizers, players, and parents are communicating, good things happen. Having an app to provide things like evaluation reports, improves communication by providing direct feedback to athletes and parents.

Improve Coaching Strategies & Decision Making: Having access to player data means quicker, more informed decisions. As a coach, quick decision-making based on solid data can be a game-changer.

Improve Player Development & Performance: Objectively reviewing players, providing feedback, and helping them grow during your season is very important for development. You can even show players through video, how they are performing the skills they are being assessed on.

Remote Coaching: If you’re a National organization, are unable to have practices or games for any reason, or if you want to create self-assessments for your athletes.

We provide an all-in-one solution for many coaches and scouts. There are many pain points we’ve addressed that have driven our app SkillShark, to be what it is today.

The above chart is taken from SkillShark Software, showing how easy it easy to draft by comparing players’ strengths and weaknesses.

Imagine you are evaluating a player, sports team, or camp. How you’re evaluating might be completely different based on your event and the goals you have for your players.

Okay, so what are some important things to look for?

Easy-to-use with an intuitive and functional interface

Customizable to match your program

The ability to send feedback reports to your players

A seamless onboarding experience for you and your evaluators

Instant access to player data and player progress tracking

✔ The ability to score players, take live video, and collect data from any device

Software Ingenuity in sports is allowing coaches to become that much more efficient in almost every aspect. In many cases, software enhances both communication and productivity. Coaches can simply manage their team at the click of a button. With better communication comes faster results, timely updates, and winning outcomes.

In order to keep enhancing our communication, we’ve engineered reporting that will help take sport-organizations to the next level of training and development.

When using SkillShark, access to player data is instant after each evaluation, giving coaches a clear perspective when implementing training strategies, creating teams, ranking players, and looking for top draft picks.

The above chart is taken from SkillShark Software, using historical evaluation data to track player progress over time.

Michelle Corry

Michelle is SkillShark’s dedicated marketing cognoscente. She is an avid athlete, dedicated professional, marketer and creative visionary. Michelle lived and breathed sports most of her life, being awarded athlete of the year back in early 2000, including a rugby scouting invitation from Team Canada. SkillShark has changed her perception entirely in terms of what she thought was possible in sports evaluation today.