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Baseball Tryout Tips for Athletes

Baseball Tryout Tips for Athletes

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Similar to the first day of school, sports tryouts are a nerve-wracking experience for athletes. How many players will be trying out for the team? What will the coaches be looking for? What drills are best to practice? These are all common questions that can run through any player’s mind. To help put your mind at ease leading up to the big day, we uncover some baseball tryout tips for athletes.

Youth about to pitch a baseball

Get gear in order

The night before tryouts, lay out your clothes, water bottle, shoes, and jersey (if assigned one before tryouts). Double-check the location and time of your tryouts, making sure you have a designated ride to get to the tryouts on time.

While these might seem like obvious tips, making sure your “ducks are in order” will minimize any added stress on the day of tryouts.

Visualize success

In addition to the physical preparation, mental preparation is just as important. This comes in the form of visualization; visualizing what your success will look like during baseball tryouts. For instance, picture yourself scoring a home run, which is the ultimate goal. Then, visualize the steps to get there: hitting the ball with great power, running with immense speed to each base, and then making it to third base before the outfielders return the ball — all while your team is cheering you on.

Prepare for drills

Many sports organizations will provide you with the baseball drills they plan on running during a tryout beforehand if you inquire. Ask the coach what drills will be the primary focus so that you can be prepared. In instances where you can’t access this information, focus on the basics of your position. Prepare for drills similar to last year’s game warm-ups or tryouts.

If you are in need of any skill-specific tips, check out explainer videos on YouTube to hone in on the movements, coordination, and control needed to master each skill.

Arrive early

The first impression is a big one, and arriving early will automatically show that you care about the team. You want the first time you are noticed to be for something positive, not for something like showing up late! Being early shows readiness, commitment, and determination.

Develop a hustle mindset

Coaches aren’t only watching you during the performance of a drill. Rather than chatting with your potential teammates, spend the warmup time focused on stretching, shadowing a drill (running through the motions of pitching or hitting the ball), or even making your own space to run some sprints.

Maintain a positive attitude

As much as playing abilities matter, an athlete’s attitude trumps all. Through your actions, you can prove that you are someone who deals with adversity well, respects those around you, and most importantly, that you are coachable.


With these baseball tryout tips, you will be in the right headspace to take on any challenge while proving to coaches that you have what it takes to make the team: resilience, willingness to learn, positive attitude, and skill.

FAQ — Baseball Tryout Tips for Athletes

1. Get your gear in order
2. Visualize success
3. Understand the drills
4. Arrive early
5. Have a good attitude

Coaches look beyond skillset when selecting well-rounded players for the team. Actively listen to instructions, avoid arguing, respect others, and follow the rules.

Coaches take into account skillset, attitude, hustle, coachability, and attention to detail.

Mentality is everything. Don’t fixate on the results, whether you will make the team or not, but focus on the process to get there. Rather than thinking about team placement decisions before, during, and after tryouts, focus on practicing drills, actively listening to coaches, and demonstrating sportsmanship.

Coaches are evaluating the following skills in baseball tryouts: • Hitting
• Running
• Catching
• Fielding
• Throwing


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