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View Player Scores – SkillShark

Discover how SkillShark simplifies and optimizes player evaluation and organization. Watch our quick guide on managing scores!

View Player Scores in SkillShark: A Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Viewing Scores

  • From your dashboard, go to the left-hand column.
  • Select “Reports.”
  • Within that section, naviagte to “All Scores.”

Step 2: Analyzing Results

  • Explore a breakdown of scores for category overall, skills (i.e., skating), and metrics (i.e., starts, stops, and forward skate within the skill skating)
  • Easily switch between evaluation events to view the data.

Step 3: Breakdown Scores

  • Choose specific categories and skills for a detailed view.
  • Use up and down arrows to identify the highest and lowest scores.
  • Draft players to teams based on your criteria.

Step 4: Editing Scores

  • Locate the score you’d like to edit
  • Hover over the score and click on “Details” beside the metric that needs correction.
  • Manually input the correct number or use the slider to adjust the score.
  • After making edits, click “X” on the top right to confirm.
  • Your scores will be automatically updated.

There you have It! You’ve learned how to manage event scores with SkillShark!

For more information on managing events in SkillShark, visit our Help Center.

FAQ — Managing Scores

Navigate to the “Reports” section in the left-hand column of your dashboard. Choose “All Scores” to see a comprehensive breakdown of results for players, events, skills, and metrics.

Yes, you’ll need to have a Skillshark account to gain access to athletes’ scores and evaluations.

Yes, you can use filters to view scores from specific events, player lists, jersey colors, or teams. For an overall view, select all events and apply the filters.

Colors in the score display represent a range of high and low values. Higher values are indicated by different colors, making it easy to quickly assess performance.

Use the “Breakdown Scores” option to analyze scores in more detail. Choose specific categories and skills, and use the arrows to identify highest and lowest scores.

Yes, after analyzing scores, you can use the information to draft players to teams based on your criteria.

Advanced Tips and Best Practices

Expert Advice: Maximize your player evaluation efficiency by being able to add and edit player scores within the SkillShark App.

Discover how leading sports organizations use SkillShark to revolutionize player management and improve team dynamics.