Adding Leaderboards – SkillShark

Discover how SkillShark simplifies and streamlines leaderboard creation. Watch our quick video guide on creating leaderboards for your athletes and players!

Leaderboards in Skillshark: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Access leaderboards

  • Click on “Leaderboards” found on the left-hand navigation menu.

Step 2: Create a weighted report

  • Click on “Add Leaderboard” on the top left.
  • Give your leaderboard a descriptive name for easy identification.
  • Click the weighted report you want to include.
  • Review and select the event you want to include on your leaderboard.
  • Once configured, click “Create Leaderboard.”

Step 3: Access and share leaderboard

  • Access your newly created leaderboard by selecting “View.”
  • Enable “Auto Cycle” if you want the leaderboard to continuously cycle at your event.
  • Use the unique link provided to share your leaderboard with others.

There You Have It. You’ve learned how to create online Leaderboards with SkillShark.

For more information on how to set up leaderboards in SkillShark, visit our help center or schedule a call with a product expert.

FAQ — Leaderboards

Leaderboards on SkillShark are a feature designed to display the ranking of players during an event. They provide a visual representation of player performance, fostering competition and engagement among participants.

Leaderboards create a competitive atmosphere by showcasing player rankings in real-time. This motivates players to strive for higher positions on the leaderboard, encouraging improved performance.

Leaderboards enable coaches to assess player performance quickly and effectively. They provide valuable insights into each player’s strengths and weaknesses, aiding in team selection, draft picks, and player development decisions.

SkillShark leaderboards display live data by generating reports from weighted evaluations. This means that scores are updated instantly after being entered, ensuring real-time information for coaches, players, parents, and fans.

To create leaderboards on SkillShark, users must have either the All-Star or Legend tier subscription. These tiers provide access to advanced features, including the ability to generate and customize leaderboards.

SkillShark provides flexibility in selecting events and metrics for leaderboards. Coaches can choose from a wide range of options to tailor leaderboards according to their event requirements and objectives.

Advanced Tips and Best Practices

Expert Advice: Make use of SkillShark’s streamlined features to create and share athletes’ overall performances with leaderboards.

Use Cases: Discover how leading sports organizations use SkillShark to revolutionize player management and improve team dynamics.