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Adding Evaluators – SkillShark

Discover how SkillShark simplifies and optimizes player evaluation and organization. Watch our quick guide to assigning roles and adding evaluators below.

Adding Evaluators in SkillShark: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Adding Evaluators to Your Group

  • Click on the “Users & Roles tab” on the navigation menu.
  • To expand your evaluation team, enter the evaluators’ emails and role type. Then click “Invite”
  • They will receive an email with instructions on creating their SkillShark account.

Step 2: Upgrading Evaluators to Administrators

  • Once evaluators accept the invitation, you can upgrade them to administrators.
  • Administrators enjoy the same privileges as you in the account.
  • They can run reports and access all data. You have the flexibility to remove these privileges at any time.

There you have It! You’ve learned how to add evaluators with SkillShark!

For more information on how to add evaluators, visit SkillShark’s Help Center.

FAQ — Adding Evaluators

Yes, you will need to create an account with SkillShark to help support evaluations in an event.

Simply enter the evaluators’ emails, and they will receive an email with instructions to create their SkillShark account.

Administrators enjoy the same privileges as the account owner. They can run reports, access all data, and contribute to the evaluation process. Privileges can be adjusted or revoked at any time.

Yes, evaluators who are not upgraded to administrators will only be able to see their own collected data.

You have the flexibility to remove administrator privileges at any time from the SkillShark dashboard. Simply change the setting and access of that person.

Advanced Tips and Best Practices

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