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SkillShark Software Inc: Taking Over Sports Evaluations Globally

SkillShark Software Inc: Taking Over Sports Evaluations Globally

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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Feb 16, 2022 ( – SkillShark is seeing a global interest in sports academies adopting evaluation software into their athletic programs. The truth is, many sports organizations have been struggling with the athlete evaluation process. This was before athlete evaluation software was available to them. Believe it or not, athlete evaluations (even today) are typically done with a clipboard and pen. After the evaluation is complete, the written numbers are then entered into a spreadsheet to calculate player averages. In many cases, entering the data would take weeks depending on the size of the team.

As one of 22 million coaches in North America, SkillShark’s founder, Coach Neil Anderson noticed that almost all coaches were still using pen and paper to evaluate athletes.

“When scores are collected this way, it takes hours upon hours to enter this data into a computer system and it is hard to do anything with it at the end of it all! I (like many other coaches) created spreadsheets to help, but still had the painful job of data entry including the errors that go along with it. I decided there had to be a better way, so I got to work and developed a system, that I’m proud to say, is now helping both coaches and athletes globally.”

SkillShark currently offers sports organizations a mobile app solution, through the use of digital evaluations. Coaches and evaluators can now evaluate on any device, using a smartphone or iPad, they can evaluate and assess athletes from anywhere.

Digital evaluations completely eliminate any data entry into spreadsheets, giving sports organizations access to player data at their fingertips. By implementing this process, coaches are seeing a drastic improvement in the performance of their players.

Players and coaches can easily see how they’re doing against the team average, even tracking their progression over a series of events.

Because of their significant achievements, SkillShark was recently invited to present in Rome to over 30 countries at the Italian National Olympic Committee’s annual conference. SkillSharks partnerships are quickly stretching far and wide, being recognized as the world leader in changing how youth evaluations are being improved. It could not be possible without the awesome team they’re continuing to grow.

SkillShark is now considered a leader in the digital evaluation tech space, and will soon be the status quo in sports evaluations.

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