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Breaking Grounds: SkillShark and Pocket Radar Join Forces

Breaking Grounds: SkillShark and Pocket Radar Join Forces

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[Santa Rosa, CA, Thursday, Dec 21, 2023 ] Pocket Radar, the industry leader in revolutionary speed-tracking technology joins forces with SkillShark, currently at the forefront of player evaluation advancements for coaches.

Pocket Radar recently announced its first-ever subscription, offering seamless integrations with leading applications like SkillShark to provide an easier, more comprehensive approach to player development.

In the modern era of athletic training, maintaining a record of digital progress and delivering immediate feedback to athletes is crucial for their future growth and development. Pocket Radar and SkillShark offer actionable insights to coaches, providing them with a competitive edge over organizations still using traditional methods.

SkillShark is the current leader in evaluation technology, serving youth clubs and academies worldwide. SkillShark’s software addresses a long-standing need by eliminating the administrative challenges associated with traditional pen-and-paper athlete evaluations.

When using evaluation software like SkillShark, coaches and evaluators have the flexibility to assess players seamlessly using their mobile devices or tablets, and provide players with instant feedback reports after each evaluation.

With the integration of Pocket Radar PLUS technology paired with SkillShark, users will now have the ability to automatically embed velocities into the SkillShark App. This enhancement streamlines the evaluation experience, as coaches will no longer have to manually input velocity readings into SkillShark during sessions. The integration to SkillShark  goes beyond mere convenience, offering enhanced context enabling instant player comparisons, access to individual player report cards, immediate access to evaluation scores, and the ability to track their skill and metric progression over time” – Taylor Alexander – Vice President, Strategy & Business Development

By combining real-time data from evaluation apps like SkillShark paired with instrumentation such as Pocket Radar, we swiftly identify the strengths and weaknesses of each individual athlete. This dynamic approach establishes a framework that empowers athletes to reach their full potential.

Pocket Radar’s integration with SkillShark has taken evaluations to the next level. Watching velocity readings automatically being pulled into SkillShark, to then instantly be able to analyse that data in multiple ways is truly remarkable. We believe this is just the beginning as we continue to move the needle to create easier, more efficient evaluations for sports organizations globally.” Neil Anderson – SkillShark Founder

Pocket Radar PLUS is a monthly or annual subscription option, including $4.99/month or $49.99/annually, and also provides a 30-day free trial for new subscribers. It is currently available on iOS and Android devices through the Pocket Radar Sports App. To utilize the app and subscription successfully, you will need to pair a Smart Coach Radar (Bluetooth® enabled) 

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