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SkillShark Partners With

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[SASKATOON, SK, May 24, 2022 -] SkillShark Athlete Evaluation Software is proud to announce its strategic partnership with, the only sports communication platform that uses video reels to enhance player development and feedback to athletes. SkillShark and Klevr will continue to work toward valuable ideas for improved communication between coaches, athletes, and parents through mobile app technology.

SkillShark and Klevr share a common goal of providing valuable solutions for coaches. With the focus on enhancing current development processes and providing efficient feedback to athletes, they’ve been able to help players improve while saving coaches significant time.

Klevr and SkillShark both support practical solutions that help coaches hone in on specific areas where player development might be needed. Their partnership will provide the opportunity to reach more coaches who are looking to find more efficient ways to develop their athletes.

Klevr, is an app started by Kris Versteeg, who retired after 11 NHL seasons, now coaching youth hockey. Kris had many parents and coaches ask him to provide feedback on their team or athlete. To do so, Kris had to receive the clip via text, load it on another platform to trim it, and use frustrating annotation tools to send the clip back. After speaking about this consuming process, he quickly realized he was not alone, and got to work on developing a project where coaches, athletes, and parents could easily clip, edit and share reels all on one platform. Today, coaches can use Klevr to annotate clips with voiceover, slow-mo, scrubbing, telestration (drawing on the video), digital whiteboards, and more. Not only is this an excellent app for players and coaches, but parents as well, as they can easily save and edit game clips, additionally view developmental feedback from coaches.

We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with SkillShark and the use of their product in our hockey program. This decision has helped us streamline our entire evaluation process and we immediately know who our top picks are for the upcoming season.

Kris Versteeg – Klevr Founder (11 NHL Season, two-time Stanley Cup Champion)

Both Klevr and SkillShark are incredible apps that I wish were available to me years ago as a coach. Providing feedback to athletes in a clear, effecient way is pivotal for their development. When using Klevr, I can easily show athletes annotated for their personal development, or markup game highlights. This shows us exactly what we’re doing well, and where we need to get better.

Neil Anderson – SkillShark Founder

SkillShark and Klevr are committed to helping coaches and athletes develop through enhanced communication. They provide high-quality, leading applications that solve major pain points many coaches, parents, and athletes experience.