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Rated 5/5 Stars. SkillShark is the Top Rated Player Evaluation App For Youth Sports. Book Your Free Training below and learn how to save hundreds of hours on administration and stay ahead of the competition by having access to real-time player insights.

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Using SkillShark Means Better Results

We routinely perform customer case studies and have found that:

80% of SkillShark users save 50 hours or more per event

86% of SkillShark users see an improvement in player performance

96% of users say they would never go back to pen and paper evaluations

No More Complicated Spreadsheets

SkillShark software is easy to use and saves you time by eliminating the need for data entry into spreadsheets. Simply customize your evaluation template using desktop, and  score athletes using your mobile phone or tablet.

By taking away administrative tasks, more time can be spent developing successful athletes and winning teams.

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Chris Shewfelt

Vice President, Toronto FC & Toronto Argonauts

Mobile evaluation app
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About SkillShark

What Are Coaches Saying About ‘SkillShark Evaluations?’ Watch the video to learn more.

Provide Instant Player Report Cards

Easily send your players club branded report cards after each evaluation. Having access to analyze and send performance data is a great way to streamline communication and improve player performance.

  • Improve feedback to athletes
  • Advance player development

I wouldn’t even be able to calculate the time SkillShark has saved us.


James Mays

Technical Director, PA Minor Hockey

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Make informed decisions using in-depth analytics

Player analytics will be one of your strongest assets when it comes to developing players. With SkillShark, you can easily compare players and use historical data to track player progress.

I now have statistics and information at my fingertips I wouldn’t be without.

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Scott Hudson

Head Coach – Diamondbacks

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Teach me how I can put my evaluation criteria on my mobile device, and how I can explode my athlete performance using data.

What Are Coaches Saying About ‘SkillShark?’

SkillShark review video
brian secord
brian secord
19:13 09 May 23
The SkillShark app has been fantastic. It has saved countless hours of manual data input. The app also always us to track the athletes progress and development throughout the compete year.Adam was especially helpful in helping get the app setup and running in the manner we required for our tryout process.
Mark Weiand
Mark Weiand
21:20 08 May 23
Used this for 2023 softball 8U/10/12U All Star tryouts and it worked perfectly. Anyone who has had to deal with tryouts and rankings and the tedious paperwork or spreadsheets that goes along with it can save themselves days of work. Can upload the names directly from SE or excel. Very intuitive for the evaluators and their customer service is fantastic. I'll use this for all tryouts moving forward. The time it saves is worth every penny.
Bryan Heft
Bryan Heft
19:07 12 Apr 23
We were looking for a tool to add some objectivity to our tryout process and Skill Shark looked like it would provide that and eliminate our spreadsheet tryout process. Once we started using it we found that the data we collected on our players after tryouts allowed us to focus on what skill development they needed and we could communicate to players and parents more clearly where they needed to focus their own skill development. It's also become a great database to compare incoming players to our existing players to help us more quickly understand incoming player talent and growth areas. We keep finding new ways to use this to make our teams better.
Amy Diehl
Amy Diehl
18:12 06 Apr 23
I found SkillShark while searching for an app to use for our softball tryouts to eliminate the manual aspects of paper evaluations. It worked great and met all of our needs. It was highly customizable both on the metrics side and the reporting. I was able to make adjustments on the spot and only needed to give a quick tutorial to my evaluators just a few minutes before go-time. I was able to see the results flow through instantly. It can also be used offline so results can be uploaded as soon as the evaluator gets back a connection. In addition, Adam and team were available to help answer all my questions, even on off-hours to help me through my tryout process. Highly recommend SkillShark and will definitely use it in the future.
Sally Storch
Sally Storch
17:17 20 Mar 23
Neil and his amazing team have single handedly and with great professionalism taken a huge task and made it simple. They are always a call away to help and walk me through all that I need to be successful. I highly recommend working with this app and this team.Thank You Neil!
Chris Bryshun
Chris Bryshun
09:50 28 Feb 23
I've been scouting European talent for the Canadian Junior Football League for a year and used Skill Shark at a recent combine. Skill Shark makes the process clean and neat, metrics can be entered for each rep at each station DIRECTLY into the App. The range of reports are excellent for comparisons, coaching evaluations, and informing the players where they stand out and where they can improve. This is the best money I have spent on an App and I can see that it would be even more valuable as a Long Term Player Development tool.Thanks Skill Shark.
Josue Bosque
Josue Bosque
17:28 03 Feb 23
I run a growing goalkeeper academy and these guys help me provide a service that no one else can. They help me not only give my players feedback, but also allow me to link videos to their needs. They have a great program to help you create a library of developmental videos, informational packets, and weblinks to help our players take their development into their own hands. When I have been confused on how to use the product, because of the vast features they offer they took time to walk me through them step by step and how to implement them to make the experience even better. Don't pass up on these guys they know what they are doing and they are constantly looking to be better at something they already do a great job at.
Brice Kassa
Brice Kassa
19:27 27 Jan 23
SkillShark Athlete Evaluation Software is an AMAZING tool for your Basketball organization; You don't want to miss this and my organisation Featmaster Academy is impressed, amazed by the content, the efficiency and the power that it generates for sports datas. You have a revolutionary tool: Go, and get some of it
Brandon Kathman
Brandon Kathman
00:10 26 Jan 23
This app has been great for our entire baseball program from 9U-18U. It's easy to use, the data is great, and reports are clear. We love going back and seeing the videos for tryouts and feedback and development. Our parents love the developmental resources for the boys and their own education. The support has been great! Thanks, Neil and team!
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Interested to learn how it works?

I’m Neil Anderson…

The first step…

It started with a simple need that you might relate to: Finding a way to eliminate painful data entry and stacks of handwritten notes during evaluations.

I’m a coach, who was simply looking for a more efficient way to evaluate my players.
I first approached other coaches who were in the same boat: All were trapped under a mountain of paperwork. They  reassured me this was a solution every coach needed.
…It was then I was fully invested.
The next step after working and testing multiple wireframes, was to hire a development team that could bring my vision to life. When I finally found the right people, we excitedly got to work. After years of working tirelessly and repeat testing, we created SkillShark.

Today, SkillShark is the most successful player evaluation software on the market.

…We’re trusted by top organizations, working with partners such as the Houston Astros, Arizona Diamondbacks, USSSA, NCSA,TeamSnap and Tampa Bay Lightning..
just to name a few..

We’ve also appeared on multiple news outlets like the Globe and Mail, Bloomberg and CTV.

If I can help save you time on your evaluations, I’m talking  upwards of 30-50+ hours per event, take it! I’ll show you how in this free session below.

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Assign Positions & Jerseys

You can easily assign player positions and jersey color to help organize players within a group.

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Create Player Profiles

Quickly create player profiles and capture player headshots right through the mobile app. Images automatically sync to their profile and reports.

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Draft Players to Teams

Use Instant evaluation results to quickly analyze performance, draft players and create teams.

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Customize Your Evaluation Template

Easily edit your evaluation template and have full control over categories, metrics, scoring ranges and much more.

Create your template from scratch

Build your evaluation from scratch and completely customize your evaluations.

Start from a pre-built template

Select one of our professional vetted sports templates and customize it for your needs.

SkillShark is by far the most convenient and effective evaluation tool on the market

Andi Wolf

Head Coach – Cougars

Evaluation Template custom

Interested to learn how it works?

Teach me how I can put my evaluation criteria on my mobile device, and how I can explode my athlete performance using data.

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