Tips To Set Up The “Non Tech” Evaluator For Success

Tips To Set Up The “Non Tech” Evaluator For Success

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Athlete evaluation software is designed to make the life of a coach and organization infinitely easier. As easy as the system needs to be for administration purposes, it also has to work well for the end user. Generally speaking, organizations often have evaluators helping out with the assessment process. These evaluators are sports experts but come from all different levels of technical backgrounds. To help coaches successfully implement SkillShark, here are our tips to help set up the “non-tech” evaluators in your organization.

Evaluator uses SkillShark to complete his evaluation

1. Get Their Account Set Up

The first step in teaching your evaluators about SkillShark. After evaluator emails are sent out from the admin account, evaluators will follow the on-screen instructions, allowing them to instantly access your event using our mobile app. Let the evaluators know you have sent this email, and allow them time to get introduced to the group, event, and template that you have customized for your assessment. The information that is provided to them will instruct their use on any device, and help the login process. Right from the get-go, these users should feel comfortable knowing that they can pick the device they wish to use for the upcoming evaluation.

2. Show Them How To Score Athletes

The next step in getting your evaluators ready and equipped for the evaluation is to walk through the template, showing how to score athletes. It is important that your evaluators and assistant coaches know exactly what you as the coach are looking for in terms of skills or attitude and effort, so a quick conversation can help in this process. If an evaluator is less familiar using software programs, consider sending them a sample group where they can add scores and play around with their account as much as they would like prior to the event.

*TIP* Use the ‘info for evaluators’ function when editing your template, shown in the photo below. This way, the evaluators will know exactly what they should be looking for in an athlete. You can even attach a link to a video for what a perfect score would look like.

SkillShark Athlete Evaluations showing how to use a feature

Show evaluators how to access specific player lists if needed, record notes, or edit player details if necessary. Make sure they are comfortable with how to switch from one athlete to another, how they can quickly filter athletes, and how they can add scores for each skill set. By playing around with the app prior to the evaluation, non-technical evaluators will feel comfortable heading into the evaluation process.

3. Show Comment Features

After the evaluators are easily working with the software and able to add scores for an athlete, show them how to add comments under an athlete’s metrics. There are multiple options for comments, including typed comments in the text box, voice-to-text, pre-fill comments accessed from a list, and adding video. Using comments throughout the evaluation can help give feedback to your athletes, show them what they did well, and what they need to work on. Evaluators will understand this means no more notes scribbled wherever there is room on the paper.

Another thing to show evaluators is the min/max feature. The min/max shows the highest and lowest score they have given to any athlete within that skill. This will allow your evaluators to stay on track and not be questioning the range of scores given.  

4. Choose to Upgrade Evaluators to Admins 

Decide if you would like to upgrade one or more of your evaluators to an admin, which will give them the same permissions that you have within the group. Admins can do everything within SkillShark, including adding players, running reports, editing report content, and more, while evaluators only have permission to evaluate players and give them scores. If you make this decision, talk to the evaluators who will have new capabilities within the software.

If you have someone helping at a registration table and using the software to check athletes in and out, it might be advantageous to add them as an admin and use the player table to distribute jerseys, etc. If there is another evaluator who you want to run reports and help with sorting kids into teams, it may be advantageous to add them as an admin. Want to keep the data to yourself? No worries. By default, evaluators can only see the data that they entered into the system. 

SkillShark being used for an athlete evaluation

By briefing your assistant coaches and evaluators about the SkillShark platform before the tryout date, you will set yourself up for a smooth, stress-free tryout. Be open about how much time and effort using this software will save you and the organization, and use this to increase buy-in from hesitant evaluators. Time and time again, evaluators instantly understand the ease of use and completely cast aside any preference they had for pen and paper. 

Elanne Krainyk

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