The Benefits of an Athlete Evaluation Software for Coaches

The Benefits of an Athlete Evaluation Software for Coaches

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Sport technologies are constantly evolving and the need for practical innovations is becoming increasingly evident in every season that passes. Technology can take a usually manual process and simplify it for everyone involved. The data collected is what drives coaches to make decisions, structure practices, and enable their team to succeed.

So, how do athlete evaluation apps fit into all this?

An athlete evaluation software has huge benefit for coaches, parents, and players alike. Today, we focus on the benefits an Athlete Evaluation App for coaches.

1) Organize Your Set Up

Coaches have a lot going on and saving time is important! An athlete evaluation software offers immediate time savings for coaches within an organization. Using a completely customizable approach, a good athlete evaluation software will allow coaches to decide want they want athletes to be scored on. Easy, paperless set up allows coaches to organize themselves and their time before the evaluation even begins.

2) Eliminate Data Entry

Data entry is one of the largest problems with a traditional pen and paper approach to athlete evaluations. After an evaluation wraps up, coaches must sort through and manually enter scores, often taking days or weeks. By providing evaluators with a paperless solution, data is instantly uploaded and can be viewed in report format instantly. Coaches eliminate all data entry time and can focus on more important things.

3) Better Athlete Communication

Athlete development is important for long term success. By using an athlete evaluation software, coaches can provide immediate, professional reports. A good software system should allow coaches to customize what athletes see within these reports. Players can see their strengths, weaknesses and what to work on to better themselves for the future.

4) Better Parent Communication

Parents often have questions about evaluation results. Instead of trying to decipher hand written notes, coaches can share comments and feedback with parents. Coaches can decide whether to share full reports, or instead, reference reports that are instantly generated. Parents will leave the evaluation feeling confidence in the results and the professional steps taken by the organizing committee.

Evaluation software’s not only give back time to organizations and coaches, but also offer communication benefits.

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