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Testimonial Tuesday With Danny Demchenko

Testimonial Tuesday With Danny Demchenko

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Monday nights are to football, as Tuesday mornings are to testimonials—or at least around here at SkillShark they are!

Our pal Danny is a fastball parent. He recently attended a fastball showcase where SkillShark was used, and after the event, he reached out to us to share how user-friendly the product was. He even went as far as to say that he wishes the education system could use SkillShark so that he could understand his children’s report cards!

Here is what else Danny had to say in our first installment of Testimonial Tuesday:

“The beauty is in the print. One of my kids was recently at a fastball showcase ID camp where SkillShark was used for the evaluations. A few days after the camp, I received an email from that detailed her performance. The report was very clean and specific. It provided me with high, low, and average fastball scores and off-speed velocity, as well as her ranking compared to the group of 60-plus players.

A dozen more metrics were provided, all clean and listed in black and white. I printed the report off, sat down with my aspiring ball player, and used the report as simple motivation and focus: plenty of high fives were exchanged. We set goals, and again, had the always occurring conversation effort and attitude matter. Now if I could only get our education system to start using Skill Shark I could understand what the B, M and the E rating of expectations mean on the report cards.”

                                                                                                              -DANNY DEMCHENKO, Parent

Every day at SkillShark, we make sure that our customers receive a superior product with exceptional service. We love being able to connect with coaches like Danny who want to share their excitement with us and our other user groups!

Although Danny discusses his experience using our product in a fastball setting, did you know that SkillShark is currently being used in almost every sport you can think of? Baseball, hockey, softball, soccer, golf, cricket, ringette, alpine skiing, snowboarding, tennis, and more! 

SkillShark was created to be an affordable evaluation tool used by all levels of sports organizations, academies, and scouting organizations — and it is doing just that.

We would love to get you started with SkillShark and help your organization find ease in evaluations (and make your parents as happy as Danny along the way!).

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