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Softball Tryout Evaluation Form

Softball Tryout Evaluation Form Template PDF and Excel. Download softball evaluation form and softball evaluation excel template for tryouts and softball team assessments.

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We provide a powerful evaluation app for efficient softball tryouts, team assessments, and player development. Eliminate the data entry and evaluate players from any mobile device or tablet.

Instant Softball Evaluation Reports

Instantly send your athletes report cards after each evaluation. Reporting is an excellent way to enhance communication and player development.

By taking away administrative tasks, more time can be spent developing successful athletes and winning teams.

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Softball Evaluation Spreadsheet vs. Softball Evaluation App

Softball Evaluation Spreadsheet:

  • Simple and can be used offline but, data entry can be time-consuming and there are limited real-time insights and data security.

Skillshark Softball Evaluation App:

  • Efficient and user-friendly, provides real-time insights, secure cloud-based storage, easily customizable, supports video integration, scalable for all levels, requires an internet connection.

In Summary a spreadsheet lacks real-time insights and can be time-consuming. The Skillshark App is efficient and has real-time data, advanced features and modern technology for enhanced softball evaluations. The app is the superior choice but, if you prefer a spreadsheet, it remains an option.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Softball Evaluation Form

A Softball Evaluation Form is used to manually grade and assess athletes during tryouts or skills assessments. The form will entail specific metrics and scoring criteria such as Infield, Throwing, Hitting, and Pitching.

Mechanics with a Grading System of:
5 = Excellent
4 = Good
3 = Average
2 = Fair
1 = Poor

Using a Softball Template allows you to keep track of athletes’ performance, and calculate individual and team averages based on scoring criteria.

Using a Softball Evaluation Form is often time consuming and tedious, but having the simplicity of the SkillShark App will help streamline your current evaluation process.

Entering handwritten notes into a spreadsheet are often prone to error. When you switch to in-app evaluations, the calculations are automatically done for you. Because your data is centralized, you can instantly analyze results, and send players individual report cards after each evaluation.

Absolutely. You can get full access to our Evaluation Platform with up to 25 players for free. This allows you to test out our Evaluation Software before you commit to any payment plan.