Ready, Set, REFER!

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Ready, Set, REFER!

We think it is pretty neat that we have thousands of coaches and organizations saving time and modernizing their evaluation process. Or as we call it… thousands of people that have reached evaluation glory!

Did you know we have users in every sport you can imagine. Baseball, hockey, volleyball, basketball, roller derby, dance, curling and wrestling… and that is just to name a few. We allow all of our users to use prebuilt templates, or to customize their own. We love the diversity in metrics, sport, and evaluation styles.

Have you ever thought about SkillShark being used for coach or official evaluations? The complete customization allows coaches and officials to be scored easily, and be given instant results.

If we were you, here is what we would do next: 

  • Head to the referral program on our website. You may as well earn some money while spreading the word!
  • Enter the emails of any organization or coach that could benefit from SkillShark and send the information/personalized referral code in one click. 
  • Earn Amazon Dollars when they sign up for a paid account. We aren’t messing around… these rewards are 🔥.

Elanne Krainyk

Elanne is SkillShark’s marketing aficionado who is equal parts passionate about sports, marketing and sports marketing. She can usually be found with a golf ball or three in her purse, and her favorite way to spend downtime is out on the course with friends and family.